Friday, 4 December 2015


After a week on our current rural mooring we decided to move off to top up one tank and empty another.


It was a good mooring.  We could get against the edge and with no nearby boats, run the engine after 8pm if we wanted.  This morning we cruised into Ellesmere on tick over to top up the water tank.  In the week since we last topped it up the level has dropped to ¾ full.  We are careful with our water usage but are not conserving it.  Jan started the washing machine on the way to the water point.


The pressure here isn’t great giving us plenty of time to dispose of the rubbish and complete other odd chores.  I happened to notice the sign on the fence behind the tap.

P1020159Waiouru draws about 2ft 6ins and we made it to Llangollen!

After finishing with the CRT services we slowly cruised around the bend to Blackwater Meadow Marina for a pump out.  The tank wasn’t half full but at this time of the year we don’t want to get caught in ice with an almost full tank.  Another boat was already on the facilities mooring which meant a short wait.  Not that this worried us as there are no deadlines to meet.  Once the boat had departed we moored and I went to the office to advise them of our requirement.  One of the LEDs on the toilet tank gauge has been permanently illuminated.  Obviously something I have eaten has stuck to it.  We used the marina rinse hose to fill the tank whilst we waited for the member of staff to arrive.  The additional fresh water appears to have removed the “obstruction”.  The young fellow gave the tank an excellent pump out and a thorough rinse for £15.

We’re now back at Ellesmere junction moored opposite the water point.  One of the adjacent boaters informed us the stoppage at culvert 38 will be completed by 11 December.  If that is correct we may cruise down to Whitchurch pending the conclusion of the last two winter stoppages on the canal.

Oh, the Christmas lights are now on the cabin roof and working!  Bah humbug…. Smile

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