Friday, 1 January 2016

More Rain

You probably thought this was going to be one of those “Happy New Year” posts.  Well you’re going to be disappointed!

More rain today, but tomorrow is looking better!  We decided to have lunch in The Cheshire Cat to break the monotony of living in the cabin.  It was a good meal with both of us choosing the fish pie.  I was initially going to opt for the steak & ale pie but then noticed it’s one of those pies which comes in a dish with a puff pastry topping.  I hate them.  It’s like a stew with a pastry hat.


Jan had a little chuckle on the way back to Waiouru.  There was a moored boat with a sign stating “This boat is alarmed!” Not disturbed or slightly annoyed, but alarmed! 

In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk.  I’d only departed the warmth of Waiouru by five minutes when it started to bucket down.  At least my skin is waterproof.  Down the towpath I found a boater who had occuppied one of the best moorings in the area.


(phone photo) Yes, locked and left on the water point!

Last time we were this way it was summer and th evegetation obscurred the view from the canal.  With no vegetation, today I noticed the railway line passes under the canal between Christleton and Greenfield locks.


There can’t be much of a gap between the roof of the rail tunnel and the base of the canal. 


Ade said...

Happy New Year to you both all the best for 2016.
Ade & Karen.

Tom and Jan said...

And the same to you and Karen. We're now all another year older... and hopefully wiser!

David said...

Wiser!! Speak for yourself.
We're just as daft as ever.
Wishing you happy cruising over the next year.

David and Karen

Tom and Jan said...