Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More local wandering

It has been a cold and windy but dry day.  The first walk of the day was to the CRT yard where I disposed of our rubbish.  Then it was on to Blackwater Meadow Marina to enquire whether they would be open on Thursday for a pump-out.  A positive response so then I walked into Ellesmere to check if any of our poste restante mail had arrived at the Post Office.  Along the way I noticed a further two pubs.  The first was the White Hart.  Above the main door was a sign about it being an original pub and a designated building.

SAMSUNGIt’s Grade II listed and was built in the early 17th century.

Slightly further down the street was the Ellesmere Lounge Bar.


It doesn’t look particularly interesting, except for the sign on the front door.


“On the 10th day of September 1792 in this hotel then known as ‘The Royal Oak’ it was said that the books were opened about noon and ere the sun set, near a million pounds of money was confided to the care of the committee, by the investors to enable the construction of the Ellesmere Canal to begin.”

I rather like the way some of the old signs on buildings have been retained.  It gives the town a sense of history.


I’m used to seeing buildings in New Zealand and Australia that have space and uniformity.  Coming upon buildingd that appear to have been crammed together over time is rather interesting.


There’s almost a battle for vacant space going on between these adjacent buildings with the one on the right winning.

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