Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Last Day in Ellesmere

We're getting twitchy spending so much time in the general vicinity of Ellesmere so today is going to be our last full day.  Even though we've been here just over a fortnight we're still noticing new things of interest.  Jan notice the plough above the entrance to the small computer shop.

I don't know how many time we must have previously walked under the plough and never noticed it!

The worn wooden floorboard and recycled timber beams in The Black Lion were also interesting.

Most long term UK residents probably take these sights for granted but to us they are still new and interesting.  Across the road was a window in a property that had one of those circular hand blown glass window panes.  It's not the first time we've seen them but it does remind you of an age when windows weren't made of sheet glass.

We took Waiouru down the arm and winded before mooring close to Tesco.  I went into the Post Office and collected our last poste restante parcel.  Taking this photo on the way back.

You can see Waiouru in front of the red boat.  I joined Jan inside the supermarket assuming my regular role as trolley pusher.  The advantage of shopping at this Tesco is you can push the trolley down the towpath and back to the boat.  But not today.  Jan had inadvertently selected a trolley with a front and rear wheel lock.  I'd only just made it to the towpath when two opposing front and rear wheels locked.  It was quite an effort getting the heavily laden trolley to the side hatch.  Taking it back was slightly easier after I just picked up the trolley and carried it to Tesco.

 Tomorrow morning we'll start heading back down the canal after topping up the water tank and disposing of the last of our rubbish..


JohnO said...

Been there with the trollies!! Try turning them round and pushing backwards. Works on most types. Interesting to know if it works on the Ellesmere tesco jobs

Tom and Jan said...

JohnO I tried reverse but the wheel was locked. It proved easier to pick it up and carry it back to the supermarket!