Saturday, 12 December 2015

Francis called twice today!

After all the rain last night we hadn’t anticipated a cold but dry day.  Jan checked the weather station in the saloon and it was forecasting snow.  If it had been wet I would have expected snow.  After lunch I went for a short walk around the town stopping in the dead centre to look at the church.

St Mary’s Church Ellesmere
The church consists of a north and south chancel chapel with the Norman style tower in the middle.  The stonework of the northern chapel looks more modern than that of the south leading me to believe it’s an addition.  The exterior is sandstone with a slate roof.  I can’t comment on the interior as the church was locked.
After mentioning the proposed new marina development several posts ago I went back to the existing local marina to check the occupancy rate.

Blackwater Meadow Marina
It looks rather full.  Chirk Marina and Maestermyn linear moorings also looked full.  I suspect the existing marinas won’t be able to object to the development on the basis of existing over capacity.
The bracket for the canal gps has broken.  It’s the plastic lever that creates the suction for the base cup.  Rather than purchase a new bracket I’ve screwed the base to an old piece of plywood that has sufficient weight to hold the gps in the correct position.

Jan told me Francis had visited whilst I was away (not that I remember him).  I was rummaging around in a cupboard when she announced “Francis is back”.  She was looking out the side hatch.

She is always giving the local critters names…. But why Francis.  Then she called him Sir Francis and the penny dropped <duh>. 

Apparently Lady Francis had also visited.  She is a very noisy shrew (Lady Francis… not Jan!).

You may have noticed Live Writer is back to not working again.  I get the message "Blogger returned the following error not found not found" when I attempted to publish this post.  I suspect it's a Google-Microsoft thing with Google updating its security and Microsoft not being interested in supporting (updating) Live Writer.

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