Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Airborne Rats

What a great day to be cruising, it’s hard to believe New Year is only a few days away.  We set off just before 9am with the intention of reaching The Cheshire Cat pub.


The day just kept getting better.  We only saw three other boats on the move and all the crews were cheerful commenting on the sunshine.

Both of us noticed the cygnets feeding in the field on the off-side. 


No sign of mum and dad so we guess they have been kicked out of home.  They must have been very late chicks!

There is a very long line of permanently moored boats around Golden Nook Bridge which seem to take forever to pass on tick-over.  There a boatyard adjacent to the bridge with a large number of boats on the hard standing.


It was rather hard to take a photo looking back as we were facing almost due west and the sun was right behind us.


Both of us noticed the roof of a canal side house in Waverton which was covered in airborne rats.  Why this roof when there were so many others nearby?


Look at that clear blue sky!

There were plenty of vacant moorings outside The Cheshire Cat.  I walked off to Sainsbury’s whilst Jan did some cleaning.  One of the passing dog walkers mention to her that the boat moored in front of us on the 48 hour moorings in the prime spot outside the pub had been there since early December.  Then with a small smile mentioned “Probably engine problems!” 

There was a Halfords next to Sainsbury’s and I decided to check if they had any Fabsil for cleaning the pram and cratch canvas.  The three youthful male staff were chatting behind the counter.  Pimples told me there was none in stock. Acne nodded in agreement whilst Zits just stared.  When I returned to Waiouru I used the Halfords website to checked the store stock level.  According to the website they do have stock.  Their loss!


Halfie said...

Tom, I understand that for the winter period visitor mooring restrictions revert to two weeks unless contra-indicated. There'll be something on the CRT website about it. But it sounds as if your pub moorer may have a slow-running calendar though ...

franky said...

the reason the flying rats have taken up residence is because this roof is warmer, most likely cause its got cannibus growing in the loft area,a well known trick known to the cops.

Tom and Jan said...


Yes, we also understand it's 2 weeks during winter. We're not bothered by him but were amused by the fact the other boater was watching!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Franky,

Ah.... so probably doppy airborne rats :-) You learn something new every day!