Saturday, 12 December 2015

2nd post today - a problem with Live Writer

You get a 2nd post today because I had a problem with Live Writer which I want to share.  If you are a blog writer and use Blogger in conjunction with Live Writer then you will or have, discovered you can't post from Live Writer.

This is my understanding of what has happened.

Microsoft ceased supporting Live Writer (LW) in 2012.  In May of this year Google introduced a new security protocol and as Microsoft hadn't updated LW it stopped working.  After a huge outcry from LW users Microsoft introduced a work around.

Very recently Microsoft released the LW source code into the public domain and a group of enthusiasts are developing Open Live Writer(OLW) from the source code.  However it appears they have not yet integrated the new security protocol into OLW.  Meanwhile Microsoft have "pulled the plug" on the work around for LW.  As a result neither LW or the new OLW work with Blogger.

I found the following on the web

OPEN LIVE WRITER   the alternative to Microsoft Live Writer
[quoted text]
ADDING VERY SOONGoogle runs the excellent Blogger blog service. We've worked with the Blogger Team within Google on this project, and they've been kind enough to keep an older authentication endpoint running for many months while we work on Open Live Writer. Soon, Google and Blogger will finally shut down this older authentication system. Blogger will use the more modern OAuth 2 and Open Live Writer will be updated to support OAuth 2. Windows Live Writer will never support this new OAuth 2 authentication system, so if you use Blogger, you'll need to use Open Live Writer.

Open Live Writer can be downloaded here.  But be aware it is also currently not working because of the security protocol issue.


FlyingKiwiGirl said...

Live writer wasn't working for a few weeks back at the beginning of the year either. Then something miraculous must have happened and Blogger re-allowed posting. It's a pain in the behind not having it work but I still type it in LW and then copy and paste into the new blog post. I upload photos straight to Blogger anyway as I find the LW doesn't transfer good quality photos. Not great but it works for far. Which they'd just leave things alone. The search was working either for a few weeks but that has now been fixed. But there is still a problem sending emails from the email area in the settings. No emails are getting through.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Shellie,
I find it interesting that you are covering part of the South Island I know well. Also that you have an Ultima. I was considering buying one here but the UK distributor gold me there were problems with the floors delaminating and collapsing?

Jenny said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for the 'heads up" about the downfall of Live Writer - we only discovered this had happened after a w/end away in the caravan without our lap tops. We like to use Live Writer too, as one can do the post off line, if power is a consideration at the time.
Will be awaiting developments with interest. In the meantime, it's back to writing on Blogger, then adding photos, just like the old days.

Robin and Jenny
Romany Rambler