Monday, 16 November 2015

Wild Night and Adam’s Right!

With all the wind and rain neither of us got much sleep last night.  Waiouru keep bouncing against the concrete edge and the trees moaned overhead.  We’d only just gone to bed when I realised I hadn’t done anything extra to secure the solar panels on the roof.  Usually that isn’t a problem but last night the winds were the fiercest we’ve ever experienced. At 1am I went to the back hatch and checked the roof from the shelter of the pram cover.  This partially satisfied my concern but we were both up again at 4am.  This time I dressed and went outside for a closer look.  I’m pleased to write that there were no problems.

Today we walked back into Llangollen for Sunday lunch.  We opted for the same pub as last week.  Jan because she enjoyed the meal and me as I wanted to check where I’d get a Yorkshire pudding if I ordered the beef.  Adam (nb Briar Rose) left a comment on last Sunday’s post informing us you traditionally only get the pudding with beef.  After today’s lunch I can confirm he is right! 


This next photo is for our good friend Trevor back in Adelaide.  If you every wanted to tell someone to “get stuffed” this is the place for them to go in Llangollen.  It’s located beside the Bridge Hotel.


The local taxidermist

We wandered into town to buy some bread from the bakery where Jan admired the Welsh Dragons.  She thought her mother would like one but it probably wouldn’t last the distance.  It would be a green dragon by the time it arrived in Sydney! Smile


It must be getting closer to Christmas.  The council workers were erecting the coloured lights on the bridge and Jan also noticed a reindeer down a side alley.  It’s interesting how the Christians have incorporated ancient pagan traditions into the festive celebrations.  Somehow I don’t think there have been many wild reindeer in Palestine.


The River Dee has risen with the overnight rain and some canoeist were out having fun.


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