Thursday, 26 November 2015

Waste of a day

This was to be the day the new SIM was fitted to the phone so we could have internet access.  A 5 minute job which is still being completed after eight hours <grrr>.

The first problem was the decision to use the old Samsung phone.  Actually it made sense to use an old phone because it’s only going to be a static wifi router.  However the new SIM is micro size and the phone takes standard sized SIM cards.  I needed to fit the micro SIM into an adapter and then insert it into the slot in the phone.  Easier said than done!  After an hour of failed attempts I used sticky tape to hold the SIM in the adapter.  Then I realised the phone didn’t have the standard operating system (I’d modified it a year ago).  This meant I needed to re-flash the ROM back to original.  My first effort resulted in me “bricking” the phone.  Basically this means the phone was useless. 

Four hours were spent attempting to “unbrick” the phone.  Eventually I succeeded and managed to get the phone working, except there was no internet on the phone.  It was turning into one of those days! After fiddling around with the phone APN settings it decided to work.  Great, now I could download and install the VPN software onto the phone.  Six hours had elapsed and I’d been anticipating a five minute job.  But then the VPN software reported it couldn’t be installed on the phone because it (the phone) is too old.  It was enough to make you want to run out into the rain and look for hemlock.

The SIM is now in one of the new smartphones and the VPN software is working.

Jan made a strategic (perhaps diplomatic) trip into the town during the more frustrating moments.  Part of the trip was to look for buttons to sew onto the cardigan she is knitting for herself and probably partially to get away from her grumpy old man.  Anyway, she returned with chocolate and other comfort food.

On a more positive note we stopped the fuel boat Mountbatten as it was passing and topped up all three diesel tanks with a total of 179 litres along with a replacement calor gas cylinder.   We weren’t low on fuel but decided to make the most of the opportunity.


I wasn’t sure whether culvert 38 (currently closed for maintenance) was before or after Whitchurch and asked Jon on Mountbatten.  He informed me it Is before Whitchurch.  After looking at the Waterway Routes canal map I realise there’s little point in cruising down beyond the Prees Branch until the canal reopens. 

After leaving us Jon & Hannah were planning to go down the the junction and then return.  It will be a long and cold day for them.

Hopefully the last of the new mobile internet setup can be completed tomorrow.

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Peter and Margaret said...

Personally, I am a believer in the theory that if you want or need something, then I pay whatever it takes to obtain it. This seems to work well in the technology field, but to my cost not so well in the narrowboat maintenance field. Happy hacking :-)