Wednesday, 11 November 2015


After an absence of 14 years we have returned to Llangollen.  Arriving at this time of the year is probably a bonus as it’s at the end of the most popular canal on the network.  During the height of the season Llangollen is very busy and moorings at a premium.  We have arrived to find five winter moorers on the CRT linear moorings and one hire boat in the basin.

P1020122 The almost empty basin

It appears the horse drawn boat operation has ceased for the season and the Horseshoe Falls Cafe is on restricted opening days.


Slightly further down the canal is what I consider to be a particularly ugly house.


What were they thinking when that was designed?  The next photo is my attempt at a panoramic shot of Llangollen.  More practice required.


The galley stocks are getting low and Jan went into town to see what was on offer.  We stopped for the obligatory photo of the river and railway station.  A steam train was about to depart, you can see the smoke in the centre right of the photo.


A closer view of the station


Lunch was at the Bridge End Hotel which just happened to be located at the end of the bridge over the river. Smile


The chef was out the back but that didn’t delay our meal.



The lunch was delicious (8/10) with the vegetables particularly tasty. I opted for welsh lamb whilst Jan chose turkey.  It would have received a higher rating if there had been a yorkie.  But I suppose this is Wales rather than Yorkshire! Winking smile

20151108_123638I do like thick gravy from a gravy boat.

Jan is happy; she has found the handicraft shop at the top of Castle St. 

Marilyn the boat bow thruster manufacturers (Vetus, Nobel, etc) refer to it as a propeller whilst the dictionary describes an impeller as a device in a tube that creates water pressure.  I guess both are appropriate.


Adam said...

It's a matter of debate, of course, but traditionally Yorkshire puddings are served only with beef -- so I think you've been rather unfair with your scoring! You might find this amusing:

Tom and Jan said...

OK.... 9/10. But I might go back and ask for roast beef to see if the yorkie is served! :-)

Ade said...

Hi Tom what great looking place, all my favourite things in on place a raging river never got to kayak it in my paddling days looks mint in your pictures. Steam trains, horse drawn narrowboats and mountains and canals.
Superb stuff.
Another one to add to my must get to places.