Thursday, 19 November 2015


Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, we have family visiting and have been rather busy.  I was going to attempt to write a post last night but spent time outside in the high winds and rain attempting to secure everything on the cabin roof.

Today our guests wanted to do some local sightseeing so we went to Chester in their rental car.  It was their first visit to Chester whilst we have obviously been there before, including one trip by boat.  Actually we may be there around Christmas or New Year.

The Chester Christmas Market stalls were being setup outside the Town Hall and covered market.  It reminded me about our visit to the Birmingham German Christmas Market last year.  How time passes!


The Chester Christmas Market is nowhere the same size as Birmingham.  However I was attracted to this omnibus.


We walked a section of the city wall and stopped by the clock for the obligatory photo.


Daniel & Joyce

Chester is renown for it’s Tudor style buildings and ancient city walls.


Afterwards we headed to the Odeon theatre In Wrexham to watch the latest James Bond film.  Some good action scenes but the plot was too implausible for me.

We have a decision to make.  Do we cruise tomorrow in the forecast rain or wait until Friday for the forecast snow!


Les Biggs said...

Neither you fools. You have time on your side, wait.

Tom and Jan said...

Haha... too late with the comment Les 😂