Friday, 27 November 2015

Boat for Sale

Not Waiouru……. Due to a change in circumstances Pip & Roger are selling Windsong.  You can read about it <here>.  Windsong is a Beacon Boat and I think she might have been undergoing fit-out when we visited Beacon as part of our tour of potential boat builders in 2009.  I was impressed with the quality of Beacon Boats and we would probably have placed an order with them except they had a 3 years waiting list for a build slot.  That probably tells you something about the quality.

We moved today and are now moored just outside Ellesmere.  I think these are the designated winter moorings but the solo boat here isn’t showing a winter mooring permit and it departed shortly after our arrival.  We changed our clothes this morning and Jan also did the laundry <sniff sniff>, it must be the toilet tank!


It has turned out to be a rather good mooring with both satellite and terrestrial coverage, including all Jan’s favourite channels.  We’re within walking distance of Ellesmere and the CRT water and rubbish are only a couple of hundred metres away.  We’ll probably be here a week.

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