Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Alternative Walk

The local walk didn’t eventuate, instead we caught the bus to Shrewsbury.  It was a 50 minute ride and certainly not boring.  If the countryside wasn’t interesting we could listen to the lady at the front telling everyone her family life history and concerns.  There must have been eight passengers aboard waiting for the bus to depart when she arrived.  The driver departed 5 minutes late because she decided to bash his ears before taking a seat.  Once seated she struck up a conversation with all the passengers around her.  It was an entertaining trip.

The main reason for our trip was to check the mobile data deals from the major networks.  The young lady who served us in the EE shop immediately picked up on our Kiwi accents telling us she was from Australia (probably doing her OE).  We asked where in Australia she was from and we were told “Adelaide!”  Actually she was from Victor Harbour which is another town SE of the city.  The deal was the standard £20 for 15Gb per month and she confirmed once the data had been used up you got cut off until the following month or bought additional data.  We left with her telling us “You have to buy a plan from a fellow local”  10/10 for salesmanship!  The young lady in the 3 shop told us the plan was £23 for unlimited data and text + 200 minutes.  The tethering allowance was 4Gb which would be cut off when used.  I informed her we had seen the tethering allowance on the website was 12Gb but she insisted it was 4Gb.  After that we headed to the “spoons” to have lunch; use the free wifi; and mull over our options.

After our cholesterol attack we went back to the 3 shop to tell the sales assistant the website definitely stated 12Gb of tethering.  She was most apologetic telling us she had also checked the website and we were correct.  The information displayed on the wall posters in the shop was out of date.  We opted for the plan from 3.  It Is slightly more expensive (by £3 per month) and we get 3Gb less tethering.  However the plan does have the 200 minutes and unlimited data for the phone.  Our strategy is going to be web browsing using tethering and any downloading directly to the phone. 

Jan wanted to visit two of her favourite shops (Poundland & Lakeland).  She buys in the former and drools in the latter!  Actually Jan makes a mental list of everything in Lakeland she will buy to take back to Australia.

Meanwhile I’m giving the local architecture the once over.


This one looked to be leaning in every direction.  But this next building looked even more interesting.


A couple of locals noticed me taking the above photo and one exclaimed to the other “How long has it looked like that?”)  Just goes to show some people don’t look at their surroundings.


The upper two floors of the pub looked like they might be going to fall into the street


It must be a very interesting task for the builder refurbishing the interior of one of these old buildings.  How do you fit square and plumb walls in a building where nothing is level or vertical!

Our bus trip back to the boat had more passengers but was much quieter. Smile  The next task will be to reconfigure the phones on the boat by swapping the various SIM cards around to ensure the new SIM is in the best phone.

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