Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A short local walk

Thank you to those blog readers who commented on the recent problem with ID.  What I wanted to do was highlight a potential trap for anyone who read the post.  We have been burnt and a wise person should learn from others mistakes.  Mick, we know about the EE 15Gb plan and will check it out.  I’m drawn to the fact they cut you off rather than charge an excess fee.  George, looking at the Three website it appears they currently have some good specials.  I’ll be making sure we don’t get caught with an excess charge.  Peter, yes we feel ripped off.  Two expressions spring to mind

It’s 9 times easier to keep an existing customer than gain a new one

Good news travels fast.  Bad news travels even faster!

I went into the nearest Carphone Warehouse today to give the required 30 days notice of contract cancellation and was informed they can’t cancel the contract as they only sell the ID Mobile contracts and don’t have any other responsibilities.  I will now (reluctantly) phone ID to notify them and will be insisting they provide me with some type of reference number to confirm the notification has been received.

This morning we awoke to negative ambient temperatures, the first for this winter.  There was a light frost on the ground and over Waiouru.  However it was warm inside and we are still sleeping under our summer duvet.  I went for a local walk along the towpath and then back through the town via the mere taking a number of photos using the mobile phone.  It wasn’t until I attempted to download them onto the laptop that I discovered (remembered) I’d previously removed the micro SD storage card from the phone <Duh>.  So no photos <another seniors moment>.  No photos today folks!

Jan is going window shopping in Ellesmere tomorrow.  She needs some buttons for a cardigan she is knitting.  Tuesday is also the town weekly market so I guess she will browse the local produce.  Meanwhile I’ve been examining the map to identify a suitable route for a local walk.  This time I’ll make sure there is a storage card in the camera.

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