Friday, 23 October 2015

To Audlem

It was a 9am departure this morning as we waited for the rain to stop.  A brief stop at the Market Drayton water point to top up the tank and dispose of the rubbish.  Then it was a steady cruise north with frequent bursts of reverse to clear the prop of leaves.  At this time of year they get attracted to the blades and build up to the point where the boat struggles to make headway.  A burst of reverse flicks them off.  The problem is particularly prevalent at the entrance and exit to locks.

Before continuing on the subject of locks I must mention that car.


Two readers think it might be a Daimler whilst one thinks it might be an Austin.  Garry thought there might be a ‘D’ on the hubcap.  I zoomed in on the original photo.


I can’t see a ‘D’.  Then I zoomed in on the figure on top of the radiator

bonnet figure

Very blurred photo because it was taken with the small camera.

I’m no wiser?

I also need to mention the cookie banner.  Two Jan’s (mine and Jan from nb Qisma) still see the banner on their iPads.  Peter has left a comment correctly pointing out that if you accept the cookie (GOT IT option) then you won’t see the banner again, provided you don’t erase the cookies off your machine!  I regularly erase the cookies on the laptop and don’t see the banner.  It’s a mystery.  Of course I could change our IP Address to a non EU location and the banner wouldn’t appear on any machine looking at the blog.

Back to boating.  We reached Adderley Locks (5) to find the farm stall empty.  The CCTV sign says it all.  Obviously some dishonest people have been helping themselves to the stock without paying and it appears the stall holder has given up. 

A similar situation appears to exist at the top of the Audlem Flight.


Jan was working Waiouru down the top lock when I noticed a boater at the second lock.  A familiar walk, pink top and coffee mug in hand.  It had to be Judith from nb Serena. 


John was out of sight down in the lock.  Eventually he appeared and we had one of those fleeting conversations as we passed in the pound.




Meanwhile Judith and Jan managed to catch up on events since our last meeting at the beginning of summer.


John and Judith are travelling south towards their winter mooring whilst we are heading for the Llangollen Canal.

We passed three more boats coming up the flight arriving at Audlem around 2pm.  In the early evening I went for a local walk.  I only took the phone so the photos are not that good. Not that I’m claiming I ever take good photos.


The former lock keepers cottage at Lock 13 is getting a makeover.


The ‘Shroppie Fly’ is again open for business

20151022_182531 Got to go this way tomorrow morning to visit the local butcher.


Hoits said...

A quick check on the DVLA web site reveals the car is indeed a Daimler, 1949 2.5 litre.

Tom and Jan said...

Solved! Thanks for confirming it's a Daimler Hoits

Sue said...

Google say if you mess about with the banner it will ban you!!

Be afraid, be very afraid!! :D

You can make it different...

Tom and Jan said...

Banned. Oh well I've been threatening to move to Wordpress 😃

nb Chuffed said...

At Adderley, did you walk round to the left of the stall and take the path round the farm buildings? The little shop is by the drive end of the house. Though they may not use it in the winter I bet they would have stuff if you asked.
Best wishes

Narrowboat QISMA said...

Thought I had better report the disappearance of the Cookie banner! Hoorah

Tom and Jan said...

We were on a bit of a mission to reach Audlem but will remember that on the way back!

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks Jan..... now all I have to watch out for are the Google police. Better keep CCing :-)