Sunday, 11 October 2015

Let them eat cake!

There we were minding our own business when fellow bloggers James & Debbie (nb Lois-Jane) appeared not bearing gifts.  Actually there were three bloggers as Les & Jaq (nb Valerie) were also present.


L-R Jaq, James, Debbie, Jan & Les.

Later blogger Debby from nb Chuffed stopped and introduced herself and then even later Barry (nb Areandare) called in to say hello.

Back to James & Debbie.  They were able to pass on some valuable information.  There is a bakery outlet in the University College Birmingham.  The right arrow points to it in the map below.  The left arrow is our mooring in Cambrian Wharf.


If you time your visit for around 11am the outlet has a good range of fresh bread and cakes at a very reasonable price.  For example some of the bread was being sold at 10p per loaf.  All the produce is baked on site by the students and then sold in the bakery outlet on the ground floor. 

James & Debbie provided directions.

  1. Enter the building through one of the two revolving doors
  2. Go straight ahead up the short flight of stairs.
  3. Around the corner to the left is a security guard and a turnstile.
  4. Tell the guard you want to go to the bakery and he/she will let you through the turnstile.
  5. The small bakery outlet is a short distance straight ahead.

Don’t go too early as the students won’t have finished baking.  Don’t go after 1145 as the other students are frantically buying all the produce for their lunch.

The crews of Valerie and Waiouru made the walk and were very pleased with their purchases.


Our lunch

It’s a short blog post tonight because Wales is playing Australia.

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