Friday, 2 October 2015

Damned Blogger

Not a fellow blog writer but the program.  As you may have realised Blogger stopped showing our own domain name (  The blog could still be seen at   What happened?  You might have read on the Tuesday post I’d set out to remove the annoying google cookie banner from the top of the blog post.  The first attempt involved adding some information to the blog domain name in Blogger.  This didn’t work and when I attempted to reverse the change back to our original domain name Google threw a fit.  It would appear Google made some changes to the way Blogger would accept 3rd party domain names (ie,  We had initially changed to our own domain name before Google altered Blogger so when I attempted to roll back to the original configuration Blogger got lost! Whilst attempting to resolve the problem I discovered Google required me to make changes to our Cpanel on our hosting site.  Then Google advised it may take 24-48 hours for the change to take effect.  Just to compound the problem our internet signal was poor!

I’m getting closer to deciding to move the entire blog over to our own server space and taking total control.

We have been moored in Kinver whilst waiting for Kinver Canopies to repair the cratch cover.  It was back in April 2013 on the second morning of our shake down cruise when we were hit by a hire boat whilst moored on a straight at Thatcham.  The collision tore the cratch cover at gunwale level and split the zip stitching.  Then the other side was damaged by a hole in a lock wall north of York.  We’ve been holding off getting the cover repaired until we were close to Kinver Canopies. 

Scott visited yesterday evening and collected the cratch cover.  He promised to have the repaired cover returned by today.  We thought that was very good service given they are always very busy.  After Scott had taken the cover the first thing I notice was the difference in paint colours.



That’s not a shadow on the paint.  Where the cover has prevented the sun from striking the light grey paint it’s much darker. 

Scott returned with the repaired cover and we’re very pleased with the result.  It was also interesting to see the new new material on the cover looks very similar to the original.  I had expected the original cover to have faded. 

IMG_8281 Whilst Kinver Canopies had the cratch cover we asked Scott to do a couple of minor repairs to the side panels on the pram cover.  After refitting the side panels he decided that he would make a second visit in a week to check on his repairs.  We’re pleased we waited for them to complete the repairs.

Oh…… if you are reading this from a location in Europe have I eliminated that annoying cookie banner?  I no longer see it!


KevinTOO said...

Well I can't see the banner, but then I am in the Peoples Republic of Derbyshire... LOL

Tom and Jan said...

Seems like I may have got at least one thing right! 😁

Jenny and Robin said...

Hi Tom,

Sorry to disappoint you but not only do we see the cookies banner here in NZ but we are still seeing it after your removal attempts.

Don't let it worry you to much.


Jenny and Robin said...

Hi Tom,

It is interesting that Inca's blog does not show the cookies banner but then their address comes up as not so may be as you have an individual domain name that is why we see the banner.


Tom and Jan said...

Robin, you are correct. EU law requires google to display the message for any EU based domain name (eg If our domain name was it wouldn't appear.

Pip and Mick said...

Ah! CNAME! In the days when I used to do IT support I remeber that a CNAME was very important and if you got it wrong the whole website was unavailable and it could take upto 48 hours to migrate its way through t'internet. I have sometimes wondered about trying to get Lillyanne's address to appear in the address bar instead of the wordpress one but then I get frightened and give up!