Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cross-eyed fish

There were cross-eyed fish swimming upside down and in circles beside the side hatch last night.  Two weeks ago we sampled the cherry gin we’d made and it tasted like vinegar.  Sugar was added to sweeten it but upon a second sampling yesterday evening it had acquired the flavour of cough medicine.  Out the side hatch it went!

This morning I walked back the way we had come and took a photo of Wheaton Ashton Lock and the scene north.

IMG_8466We are finding there are plenty of vacant moorings now that the fair weather boaters have headed to Spain for the winter.  It was only a short move to Turner’s Garage where we took on 331 litres of diesel at 54.9ppl + tax.  The attendant was very chatty and wanted to discuss the rugby.  He had no concerns about England being knocked out telling us they simply weren’t good enough.  He had more sympathy for Wales and Scotland.

It was a still and mild autumn morning which made the cruise through the countryside at 1000rpm all the more pleasant.  We’re not in a hurry and plan to cruise an average of 3 hours daily.

Upon rounding a bend we found our first boat of the day coming towards us. It was  Pam & Terry on nb The Roosters Rest.  It was one of those brief passing conversations.  Pam inquired about Jaq (nb Valerie) and then they were on their way.


For some reason my memory of this stretch of canal in 2003 was of long straights with open countryside.  Now there are shrubs and trees.  Perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me.


Jan is very taken with this house and would make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.  But only if she wins lotto.


At Little Onn a CRT License Checker was walking south along the towpath.  We had our number taken (good) and he gave us a wave before continuing on.

All too soon we were at Cowley Tunnel.  The southern portal gives the impression it is lined, but once inside you realise it has been cut through solid rock.  Pick marks can bee seen on the surface.


We could have carried on to Norbury Junction but know from experience the internet coverage there is ‘patchy’.  Consequentially we stopped and moored at Gosnall Heath.  There was only one boat on the 48 hour moorings when we arrived and they left within an hour.  We have all the moorings to ourselves.  What a contrast with our previous visit during the height of summer in 2014.  The only negative is the number of boaters who don’t slow when passing.

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