Thursday, 22 October 2015

Cookie Banner and the Mifi

After some correspondence with our youngest son he has advised us he no longer sees the cookie banner at the top of our blog.  If you are in Europe you have almost certainly seen this banner.

cookie banner

I hate it!  The damned thing clogs up the top of the blog and I’ve been working on the blog html code to remove it.  Our son informs us it has now gone, so hopefully no one else can see it? I’m probably breaking EU law by removing it; but by next year EU law may not be applicable in the UK. Smile

The second solved problem is the T-Mobile mifi dongle purchased from eBay.  The seller didn’t advertise it as being locked to the T-Mobile network and I’ve been working out how to unlock it so it will work with our ID (Carphone Warehouse) SIM card.  I must mention the comment from blog reader Dave who kindly did some research and sent me three separate links on how to unlock the mifi.  One of these options produced the required file which was supposed to include the unlock code number.  Unfortunately the number wasn’t present.  Still, I’m grateful to Dave for going to the effort. 

After much gnashing and grinding of my teeth along with pulling out clumps of fast disappearing hair I begrudgingly paid eBay 99p for the code.  It arrived by email within a hour of placing the order.  The seller actually provided three unlock codes.  The first was invalid <onset of panic at the thought of wasting 99p> however to my immense relief the second number successfully unlocked the device.  I then had to work on changing the device access pin and name.  Once that was resolved the mifi was connected to the external aerial.


Maximum signal strength and on the 3UK network.  We’re actually getting a stronger signal than the previous Zoom wifi router and usb dongle.  The latter is now the backup system.  Total cost for the new system was £10.99.


Ade said...

Hi Tom 99p well spent I'd say, but I know how you love to crack these kind of issues without resorting to anyones help!
As for the banner thing as soon as you click "Got it" it never appears again, well for me anyway. AsI follow many many blogs and all are gone now.
Though when they first appeared that may not of been the case.
You obviously had a rainy staying put day!
Cheers For Sharing.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,
I begrudge spending the 99p! If you have already accepted the banner on a previous occasion then you may have a cookie on your computer. I'd be interested to hear whether it returns after you delete all the cookies?

Dave said...

Hi Tom

Glad you got the Mifi sorted.

I can also confirm that after clearing cookies and re-accessing your blog i don't get the cookie banner. i know the cookie is gone as i had to login again to post this comment.

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks for the advice Dave. Nice to know the small change to the code worked!

Peter and Margaret said...

Hi Tom. Viewers of my own site will notice that I have been running my own cookie warning banner for some time now, which only disappears after clicking the green 'accept cookies' button. If you press the red button, it will kick you off my site straight back to the Google home page, and if you click 'more info' you will then be directed to my own privacy policy page. Google insisted I place this before they would sign me up to Adsense to display adverts on my site, in order to comply with the EU law as it was introduced.
Because in theory all EU websites are required to display the cookie warning, and many were not complying, even after Google had placed regular notice bulletins warning of the need to comply with the new law as the time approached. This is then why Google had to introduce their own cookie warning bar, which also disappeared permanently after the viewer clicked 'Got It', that is until the viewer cleared their cookies from their own cache again, when all previously accepted cookie warnings would reappear again until the 'Got It' button was pressed again. This covered them against prosecution as an organisation.
It is no detriment to me having to accept these warnings, I just live with it. I might think it is a stupid law, and a complete waste of time, but hey, who am I to say. I just comply with the law, as everyone should. Many burglars may think the legislation making that unlawful is stupid and a waste of time, stopping them from earning their living, but should they exempt themselves from it too?

I do believe there might be some hefty fines to be had should you ever find yourself taken to task over messing with the code so that the lawful requirement of a cookie warning no longer appears on your site.

Cookies are used even for such minor tasks as counting the number of site visitors, so this makes most websites liable for the requirement to provide a cookie warning.

Just my take on this. Stupid yes, accept it - I have to, its the law. No doubt food for thought for many.

Narrowboat QISMA said...

I hate to bring bad tidings but......can still see Cookie banner on iPad Tom.

Tom and Jan said...


Peter and Margaret said...

Just click 'Got it' on the Google cookie banner and you will never see it again on this site, as long as you don't clear your cache, when it will reappear until 'Got it' is clicked again. That is of course just as long as your browser settings have not been set to delete cookies every time you close it.

Lisa said...

Dear Tom,
I am going to send you the £1.
With Love
Lisa xx

Tom and Jan said...

Dear Lisa. That's very kind of you. As they say in NZ. "Never yet met a poor farmer!"😂