Monday, 26 October 2015

750 Hours and the large swan

Another 9am departure with an initial short cruise down the the CRT facilities.  The 48 hour moorings on the embankment were still full.  All but two of the boats were there when we arrived so either there will be a rush to leave later in the day or they have a different idea about time like our friend in front of us who still hadn’t moved.  Today was probably too cold to move!

P1020002 .

This is starting to sound like a grizzle so I’ll stop.

Our arrival at the facilities was perfect as the boat on them cast off on our approach.  Poor water pressure but it’s only two days since we last topped up.  Never pass a tap.  The next one may not be working!

A steady cruise to Hurleston Junction where we turned left to go up the flight of four locks.  On the way we passed these two interesting boats.


Almost a hybrid narrowboat-dutch barge.  They won’t get wet when cruising!


This one looks like a major project

At the flight a boat was already in the bottom lock heading up.  Jan went forward to prepare the lock as a boat arrived behind us.  After three weeks of quiet canals suddenly it’s busy?  There were four boats going up and four coming down.  When we reached the top we discovered a further four boats in a queue waiting to go down.

IMG_8501 We temporarily stopped on the 24 hour moorings above the flight whilst waiting for Mark from M&L Canal Services.  We had arranged for him to complete a 750 hour major service on the engine and also check the entire engine compartment.  It Is something we like done annually.  I have done the major service in the past but having Mark do it killed two birds with one stone.  I was very pleased when he reported engine, drive gear, electrics and plumbing were all OK.  Peter Berry (nb Kelly-Louise) recommended Mark and we’ve been very pleased with his quality of service.

By the time the service was complete the queue going down the flight had disappeared.


Now we had a convoy to our front.


Four of us with a very slow hire boat in the lead. 

We passed Swanley Marina just before our next set of locks. 


This is where nb Kelly Louise sank after undergoing blacking whilst in the care of the marina.  They certainly won’t be getting any of our business!  Peter’s experience with his boat insurer also caused us some concern.  I do wonder how many boaters realise their marine insurance policy may be no where near as good as they believe.

The big swan is still in the same location.  We last saw it in Oct 2011.


A new addition is this car.  I think it’s a Triumph Scimitar?


No doubt Bill, KevinTOO or Garry will know Smile

We called it a day just short of the Wrenbury Church Lift Bridge.  With the change in the time it was getting dark by 4.30.  Another very good reason for stopping was the second semi final of the Rugby World Cup.  I managed to watch most of the game.  The final will be between two old adversaries.  Both of us have dual nationality so we can’t lose next Saturday!


Paul and El said...

Looks like a MGBGT but it doesn't look quite right!

KevinTOO said...

My limited 'knowledge' is obtained from
and you need the registration number ;)

Tom and Jan said...

You are giving away trade secrets! :-)

Peter and Margaret said...

The car is an MGB GT, also made in a roadster version. For a very short time the MGC was produced, so is much rarer. The difference in cosmetic appearance of the 'C' was a bump in the bonnet to accommodate the 3 litre straight 6 engine rather than the 1800cc one. In this configuration it could catch pigeons. I owned a white 'B' roadster in 1976, a vermillion 'GT' in 1978 and a brand new, last of the run 'GT' in 1981, also in vermillion.

Narrowboat QISMA said...

Some of those boats were already moored at Nantwich when we were there over two weeks ago!! Not that you will be surprised to hear that!

Tom and Jan said...

Free unofficial winter moorings Jan. Not that it would surprise you! :-)