Sunday, 13 September 2015

Smelly subject

I’ve been musing about the toilet tank air vent which is fitted with an air filter.  The purpose of the filter is to minimise unpleasant odours.  It’s made of compressed carbon particles and when the toilet is flushed effluent enters the tank displacing air which is forced out of the tank through the filter.  The odours are absorbed by the carbon particles.


Well that’s the theory and it does appear to work!  My concern is the cost of a replacement filter cartridge.  They are approximately £60.  This seems rather expensive for something made of the most common element found on earth.  A quick look on eBay revealed it is possible to buy 1kg of granular carbon for approximately £10 <link here>.  It doesn’t appear too difficult to make a cheap filter. The frame could be made from chicken wire mesh and an old nylon stocking filled with the granular carbon which would be inserted into the mesh frame.  My filter would cost about £11.

Waiouru has a large flat toilet holding tank which provides a large surface area.  The movement of the boat also agitates the contents.  Why do the thoughts French Onion and Mulligatawny soup spring to mind?  If I could continuously replace the air in the tank this would enhance the aeration process and minimal build-up of odour.  Fitting a small 12V extractor fan Instead of the filter would pull air from the tank, but this would only work of there was an air intake.  The obviously solution is to fit an air vent into the current tank flush connection on the cabin roof.

All of this is just musing as the current filter is working.

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