Friday, 25 September 2015

Relief and an unexpected meeting

It’s a relief to now know the Beta 43 emits less pollution than a VW <haha>

We had an interesting morning talking a long circular walk to reach the nearby Morrison’s supermarket.  I roughly remembered it’s location when we hired a boat from Stoke Prior about eight years ago.  However the years have affected my memory because I took Jan down the wrong footpath adding two kilometres to the walk.  Last time the footpath took me directly to the supermarket but today we ended up in somewhere completely foreign!  Fortunately (for me) whilst Jan finished at Morrison’s I did a quick reconnaissance of the supermarket area finding the correct path.

This evening we had dinner at the nearby Queens Head Pub.


We moored opposite it last time we passed this way and remember it being very noisy.  It would have been a Friday night and our last night on the hire boat.  The interior looked completely different.  Perhaps it is just our memories?  The staff were very friendly and the food was well presented and delicious.


We were served by the very friendly Shawn who asked us where our accents were from.  Then she told us she was from NZ doing her two year gap before returning to university.  Even more of a coincidence was her home town, Whangarei.  It’s where we lived before moving to Australia.  Then Shawn told us she had moved to Sydney with her family several years ago.  In all the excitement of the moment I muffed the photo.  She has only been in the UK 7 months but has already made several trips across the ditch.

20150924_182833 Sad smile

Waiouru has developed a list and after a quick look the water level in the pound has dropped by a couple of inches.  I have loosened the mooring ropes and we will keep an eye on the situation.

That 67ft hire boat from yesterday passed us just as I was starting to write this post.  The steerer told us they had done the 30 locks to the top of the Tardebigge Flight and winded, before returning down the flight.  It took them all day!  Obviously they decided that was preferable to reversing back through five locks to the winding hole at Stoke Prior.


Ade said...

Yet more memories! We also moored opposite queens head and ventured in for meal 28 years ago is a while back but we did enjoy it I'm sure. Following day we walked up to the buildings museum and had an enjoyable hour or two around that. Next stop was probably near Worcester for us heading back to Upton Upon Severn. Pub looks way different now.
Cheers Tom thanks for sharing.

Jennie said...

Your memories are quite correct Tom about The Queens Head - it went through a major re-fit two years ago. The pub has been through a lot of hands since we first went there some 10 years ago when it was very good. It then changed hands several times and seemed to get worse and worse until the current owners. It is part of the group that own The Boot at Lapworth. It is not cheap, but last time we were there the food was very good. It is on our itinerary once we have done 'the flight'! Jennie

Tom and Jan said...

Yes Jennie, friendly staff, tasty food,but not cheap!