Sunday, 6 September 2015

Nice Sunday

The good weather is back with a vengeance….. not that we are complaining!  Lunch was at the Admiral Nelson.  It must be one of the more upmarket burger bars we’ve eaten at.  The buffalo in my burger must have returned to work from a retirement village.  Perhaps I should have chosen the chicken burger like Jan.

20150906_124028I’m not much of a fan of food presented in an ‘arty’ form.  On reflection we should have walked to The Plough or the Boathouse and had a roast.

A boat moored behind us just as we were about to depart for the pub.  One of the crew mentioned they had lost their second nappy pin so we loaned them our spare requesting they leave it on our engine board should they depart before our return.  We arrived back to find the boat had departed and the nappy pin on the engine board.  We were rather surprised to find they had also left us a full container of fresh milk.  How very kind of them!  We haven’t consumed fresh milk for many years so it will be interesting to see if there is a change in taste from our usual UHT milk.


We lived in Singapore quite a few years ago.  On arriving there we discovered the milk was canned and had a very different taste which took some time to get used to.  After two years of canned milk we returned to NZ and one of my initial cravings was a milkshake.  Of course it was made from fresh milk.  YUK…..!  I’d grown used to the taste of canned milk.

This afternoon the port (left) side of the canvas cratch cover received a good scrubbing.  It was surprising to see how much green stained water ran off the canvas during this process.  It will be interesting to see what colour the cratch cover is when it dries.  We should have the starboard side against the towpath tomorrow which will enable me to clean the other side.

It appears the exterior of Braunston Church is undergoing renovations.  The SE end is covered in scaffolding and a sign states the work is being paid for by the National Lottery.


I think I have a solution to the 12V power supply for the Zoom wireless router.  More on that in a later post.  We have 13 days left with Three Mobile on our unlimited data phone plan.  The phone has been placed on the back of the boat and is now downloading all the available updates for laptop, tablets, and phones.  I now have no hesitation in using it to download as much data as possible before the plan expires on 19 Sep.


Joe Chin said...

Tom and Jan, I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am new to narrowboating, having just completed our first outing on the Droitwich Ring over the bank holiday weekend. I have spent much time on the water back in Western Canada, but I think narrowboating is definitely where it's at for me in the UK. I am already planning our next trip, probably in the north (L&L), and your posts have been immensely useful in planning where to go.

Tom and Jan said...

Hello Joe,
Thank you for the comment. I never started the blog with the purpose of it being useful but rather a record of our experience on the cut.

I envy you living in Canada. It's one of the countries I have yet to visit.

We hope you enjoy the L&L on your next canal adventure.