Sunday, 6 September 2015


There has been a steady stream of boaters passing us throughout the day.  They have been almost equally divided between those going up and down the flight.  What did surprise us was the fall in the pound water level.  We dropped almost a foot and the nearside of Waiouru grounded causing us to list. Loosening the mooring ropes made little difference but just as I was contemplating running more water down to the pound the level corrected itself.  Perhaps there was a CRT volunteer lock keeper on duty?

One of the passing boats called out “Kia Ora” to Jan and correctly pronounced Waiouru.  It turned out they were a kiwi couple over for six months and moving a boat.  Typical kiwi’s looking for a cheap holiday.


The wife told me they were enjoying themselves so much they were contemplating applying for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).  From the brief conversation I suspect they have underestimated the complexity of the process.

Walking down into Braunston we noticed a couple of familiar boats from our time at Aldermaston Wharf in 2011-2012.  At that time nb Minehaha was for sale.  The boat was on brokerage for some time and we both thought it was probably the unusual fixed and raised steel superstructure at the stern.  The pram cover must have been fitted by the new owners.


Further around was nb Meand’er.  She wintered over at Aldermaston during our first winter in the UK.


Finally a rather well known boater is in Braunston.


The Admiral Nelson pub is across from our mooring and looks a very suitable location for Sunday Lunch.


There is an interesting sign high on the lock side wall of the pub.


It’s made from sheet steel and when the sun hits it the sign creates a silhouette on the pub wall. 

In the afternoon Jan cut Samson’s hair.  Being a kiwi afterwards I bleated and jumped into the air clicking my heels together.  A small amount of cleaning was completed and one of the frayed centrelines was replaced.  Actually; when you think about it we veg’d out today!  <very naughty>

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