Tuesday, 18 August 2015

We’re back!

It has taken the equivalent of almost one full day but the laptop is now working.  Unfortunately some data was lost, but not as much as we had anticipated.  At one point Jan started looking online for a new laptop but I thought the problem might be software related (it was).  Somehow the boot system had become corrupted and the laptop was endlessly cycling through the start-up routine.    In the end the computer was dismantled and I removed one of the two SSD’s (solid state drive) replacing it with the original hard drive.  The data on the original drive was then cloned back onto the first SSD before replacing the hard drive with the second SSD.  The laptop then worked,  However the hard drive was last used in February 2014 so anything added to the main SSD on the laptop has been lost.  Fortunately none of the lost data was critical.  I’ve now created another hard drive clone of the SSD.  This gives us two backup copies of the system.

Yesterday we walked into Rugby with the intention of having the smorgasbord at the Thai restaurant.  We hadn’t booked and they were full.  It wasn’t a problem as we wandered around the corner to Wetherspoons (The Lawrence Sherriff) and ordered their sunday roast.  The total cost of the meals and drinks at the “spoons” came to less than the cost of one meal at the Thai restaurant.  The spoons roast actually exceeded our expectations.

On the way back to Waiouru we stopped at a blackberry patch beside the footpath and spent 40 minutes picking. Jan subsequently went through the berries discarding those of mine which didn’t meet the required standard.  Despite that, we appeared to have a reasonable quantity.

1st blackberries

Jan then went to Tesco and bought a 750ml bottle of white spirits.  No, not for the blackberries!  I’m touching up some of the exterior paint.  Whilst In Tesco she also bought some Bramley Apples .Later four jars of blackberry and apple jam appeared

blackberry & apple jam

Our timing is almost perfect as we are down to the final jar of last year’s jam.

Two blog readers have passed us in the last two days.  Yesterday it was nb Fiddlesticks.  I was too busy with the laptop to stick my head out the side hatch, but Jan managed a couple of words and a photo.


Today nb Willoughby passed before Jan could grab her camera.

Yesterday was rather busy with a number of old boats on the move.  We both assumed they were heading home after attending the canal festival at Hillmorton.

steam tug

This steam powered boat had a uniquely sounding steam powered horn.

boat on tow

This one was on tow and passing us rather fast.  We’ve notice it’s usually the private boats that have a very fast tick-over.

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