Monday, 10 August 2015

Toilet Descaler, lunch and some cleaning


Lee Sanitation has its main office here at Fenny Compton.  Whilst we are here it might be worth considering some of their products so I decided to check on their toilet descaler and the toilet tank breather filter.   The latter idea was quickly dropped when I saw the price.  I might be able to make one?  A future project.  My attention then turned to the descaler. 

From the Leesan website

Product name: Leescale Green Descaler 

LeeScale Biodegradeable Descaler is ideal for removing uric scale from toilet systems. It is also designed for removing scale forming deposits from all types of water cooling & heating systems as well as being effective for the removal of barnacles, zebra mussels and other marine fouling.

Only 10-20% solution required to clear the scale. Add LeeScale to the system at a ratio of between 1:10 to1:20 depending on the severity of the fouling.

You can leave LeeScale in the system overnight for maximum effect. After cleaning flush the system through with clean water.

Descale with LeeScale, a fast marine biodegradable descaler. Environmentally safe, non hazardous and non toxic. LeeScale removes: lime scale, rust scale, calcium toilet scale, PLUS a whole lot more.

£18.72 litre

Then I noticed the product had a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) attached.  In a previous job I used to be responsible for the transport of Dangerous Goods (chemicals, fuels, explosives, etc).  Each individual consignment of dangerous goods required an accompanying MSDS.  In my experience an MSDS meant the product might be dangerous.  This particular MSDS stated

Material Safety Data Sheet

Product concentrate is acidic (pH1.4). May be harmful to aquatic life if released in large amounts. Phosphoric content may promote algae growth (fertilizer effect)

Content Phosphoric Acid 5-15% by weight

Aquatic Toxicity Product concentrate is acidic (pH1.4). May be harmful to aquatic life if released in large amounts. Phosphorous content may promote algae growth.

The product doesn’t appear to be particularly dangerous but I am slightly amused by the “Green” in the product name.  Actually the descaler contains less phosphoric acid than the equivalent volume of Coke Cola.  Waiouru’s toilet will continue to be fed cheap brand cola!

Lunch (only an indirect link to the above topic)

We wandered down to The Wharf Inn for Sunday lunch.  Jan chose the roast beef whilst I had the pork.  Many of the indoor tables had a reserved sign on them but it was such a nice day we had decided to eat in the beer garden.  The only thing we hadn’t anticipated were our dining companions.  Both of us hate wasps and there were plenty around wanting a share of our meal.  The food was plentiful and tasty.  I particularly liked the pork crackling.

In the afternoon Jan sat in one of the folding chairs and watched me do a two bucket wash of the cabin roof and then give it a polish.  At least the roof wasn’t hot enough to burn me this time.  Jan then made us a cuppa and we watched the world (narrowboats) pass.  Gosh it’s busy here!

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow morning we will be on the move again.


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom
I've been thinking for some time that I should do something about descaling our macerator on Lillyanne. So I'm very interested in you experience with cheap cola. What procedure do you adopt? Is it only preventative or will it have a go at removing a years worth of scale?

Tom and Jan said...

Mick we us o e of thowe large cheap bottles. Flush the bowl as empty as possible and add half the cola. Flush until it has almost gone. Add the second half of the bottle and leave overnight. Flush in the morning. That is the best way wehave been able to devise for the bowl and the macerator. A diluted "plug" of cola should also the travel through the pipe to the tank.

Pip and Mick said...

Thanks Tom
How often do you do this?

Tom and Jan said...

Once a month Mick

CatR said...

Good to know - was just looking at the LeeSan descaler and MSDS thanks to a puzzling Tecma toilet problem. "Bleh" is all I shall say.

Cat (nb Valhalla)

Tom and Jan said...

Hope it works for you Cat!