Sunday, 23 August 2015

Three Mobile

Well after yesterday’s problems we now have a connection of sorts.  The problem was Three have changed their SIM Only “The One Plan”.  They appear to be doing it gradually in order not to overload their customer service support system.  Not that this helped us yesterday.  I was on hold for an hour and then unsuccessfully attempted to get through to Three on numerous occasions during the following four hours.

The problem was our pre-paid monthly ‘top up’ took effect on 20 August and Jan had applied the top up three days earlier.  Our plan was a  £15 monthly 200 minutes, 2000 text and unlimited tethering (ie making the phone a personal wifi hotspot).  Three had accepted the pre-payment for August –September but then on the 20th had cut off our tethering.  At the same time they had changed the plan to £20 per month with the same conditions EXCEPT unlimited data now only applies to the phone.  Tethering is limited to 4GB per month.  We had no tethering and I wanted to contact them to find out what had happened to our £15 payment which they had accepted. 

This morning tethering on the phone was again available and we guess the Three technicians had been working overnight to correct the exceptions such as our early payment.  However we also anticipate we’ll only get 4GB of tethering per month.  That will be insufficient so we need to start looking for an alternative. 

Meanwhile, we moved today cruising up to the Armada Boatyard beyond the Newbold Tunnel for a fuel top-up (65ppl) and a pump out.  The last pump out was at Abingdon.  Armada told us by the time they had emptied our tank their holding tank only had an inch to go before it would overflow <oops>.

We then winded and returned to Newbold where we filled the water tank.  After 10 days it was half empyy and the bow had risen by nearly 5 inches.  We now have a good mooring around the corner.  In the early evening I washed and polished the starboard side whilst Jan did her nails washed a load of dirty laundry and then managed to get it all dry.

We’re both now pooped!


Daykin said...

Tom - I'm sure you are looking for the best data deal from a mobile company. Will be good to hear the result.

Elsie said...

Hi Tom, We have a Three Huawei Mobile Wifi about £22.10 a month for 15 gigabytes.Works great, maybe just what you need. Elsie