Friday, 21 August 2015

Six monthly service

There wasn’t much of a wait to see the mechanic for the six monthly maintenance check.  A brief discussion about any problems with the working parts followed by a pressure test.  Everything was fine for vintage equipment.  The mechanic did remind me old equipment was more prone to breakdown.  The meeting ended with him providing some additives to keep the main pump working and then he told me I’d have to have an oil sample taken for analysis.  Fortunately this didn’t require fasting which meant Jan and I could indulge ourselves in a “Spoons” cholesterol attack.  At least you know the Weatherspoons “Big Breakfast” is freshly cooked.

Whilst I gave an oil sample Jan bought a replacement shopping trolley.  She selected one with a lovely a bright butterfly pattern on the cover knowing I’d love to tow it around!  The last outstanding task here in Rugby is tomorrow’s visit to the fang mechanic and then we can be on our way.

On returning to Waiouru we both settled into internet browsing mode when there was the sound of a steam whistle.  SB Adamant passed us but by the time I had reached for the camera the boat had rounded the bend.  About 30 minutes later things became very busy with boats passing in both directions.  At one point we had vintage NB Nuneaton pass towing Butty Brighton. 



Travelling in the opposite direction was nb Willoughby

willibough againBy the time we had the camera out they had passed us.  Looked like the crew were having an enjoyable time.

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