Monday, 31 August 2015

Not part of the plan

It has been a very quiet day.  Jan has been unwell and spent much of her day in bed.  She is now back on her feet but doesn’t have much of an appetite and little energy.  I spent the bulk of the day sitting quietly at the laptop researching a hack for the Amazon Fire Stick (without success).

My thanks to readers Halfie, Dakin, Adam, Dave, and Kees regarding the “chimney stack “photo in yesterday’s post. 


It is the National Lift Tower. The tower was constructed in 1982 on behalf of the Express Lift Company and opened by Her Majesty the Queen.  The tower is only one to two purpose built structures in Europe designed for the testing of lifts.  It has six lift shafts, including one high speed shaft.  In 1997 it was given Grade 2 status.  The same year the Express Lift Company was purchased by Otis who then went on to close the tower in 1999.

The tower is now in private ownership and recommenced testing lifts in 2009. 

Abseiling from the tower commenced in 2011.  It is now the home of the National Abseiling Centre.  If you want to abseil from the tower the cost is £95 per person. 

Hi Jan,  we are thinking of cruising the Nene and then perhaps head to Ely and Cambridge.  It will depend upon the weather.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Jan, I hope you are feeling better! I think you could probably have today off, if it is raining for you guys as it is here in Barrow! Cheers, Marilyn

Tom and Jan said...

Jan is feeling much better today and is now back working at full capacity 😄