Saturday, 15 August 2015

Newbies and the Cherries

Yesterday’s predicted bad weather didn’t happen where we were but it certainly hammered down during the night.  At one point It was raining so hard drops were bouncing off the cabin roof and a couple of drips came down the mushroom vent onto Jan’s side of the bed. Or so she tells me because I soundly slept through that part!  Light rain and drizzle continued for most of today.  It’s been interesting to watch the hire boats pass.  You can tell they are Newbies and it’s their first day boating.  They are all on the stern with big smiles on their faces, happily chatting in the rain. 

During our recent meeting with Jaq and Les they had mentioned the location of a cherry tree.  I wandered for a look and returned with a few which Jan washed and sorted.

cherriesA trip to Tesco for the last of the ingredients then followed.

into the jarCherries, sugar and a bottle of very cheap Tesco gin.  Jan now has to give the contents a daily gentle shake for the next week and then leave it in a cool,dark place for 12 weeks.  Hopefully the experiment will work!

This evening we received a text message from our mobile phone provider.  Three notified us that our current plan is being replaced at the conclusion of our current month.  We are on the Three All You Can Eat Data plan which gives us 200 minutes, 2000 texts and unlimited data for £15 per month.  The cost is increasing to £20 per month. We can only wish our bank savings rate or annual pension would rise by the same amount!

One final point.  Paul (nb Waterway Routes) left a message regarding the last post and correctly pointed out the Poste Restante service can only be used to collect mail being sent through the Royal Mail system.  If the supplier is using a courier company then the post office isn’t going to accept the mail.


Sue said...

Hard luck on 3 catching you up on the all you can eat. So far I haven't had the email! Shhhhhhh don't tell!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue, I wonder what will happen if I just ignore the text and try applying another £15 Add-on next month!

Judith Emery said...

John has an all you can eat data contract with 3 for 12.99 a month and is ongoing as he never updates. As far as we are aware they can't change it without your say so. Love the idea of cherry gin, I also like blackcurrant gin and any other people like to give me. Are you sharing where the cherry tree location is?
Judith and John
nb Serena

Catherine VK4GH said...

I came back to this entry after reading todays one that your data has been "cut off". Maybe these 2 events are linked. Anyway, what I would like to say is that in Australia (and probably NZ), is that it is unheard of to have unlimited data on anything other than a landline. Telstra are offering a "deal" of 1 gig for $10 to add on to your mobile data when you run out of your measly monthly allowance (about 1 or 2g). The best we have found is a prepaid for $2 a day for .5g, which is potentially $60 a month. Enjoy it while you can.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Catherine

No unlimited mobile data plans and yet the politicians are always saying "we have the best internet in the world!" LOL

Australia really is backward when it comes to the internet!