Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Extended Stay

We’ve now been on the 14 day side of the canal at Brownsover for a week.  The boater who was on the 24 hour moorings when we arrived finally left this afternoon.  Jan was cynically amused to hear him tell another boater he had only stayed 2 days on the 24 hour moorings.  There were plenty of vacant moorings our side, so no excuse of overstaying!

From the top of the pedestrian footbridge over the railway lines we could see an interesting game of football being played on the grounds beside the college.

zero harm

The blue team was playing the orange.  Getting close enough to make a tackle was proving to be interesting.  At least when they fell over there were no injuries!  Smile

The boat touch up paint has been extracted from deep storage over the last few days.  We had a slight problem at one of the Thames locks.  The deck of the concrete lock landing was higher than Waiouru’s gunwale which went underneath the platform.  This resulted in the vertical face of the concrete landing gouging the light grey paintwork.  I got the orbital sander out and rubbed the area back to bare metal before applying two coats of primer.

1st primer

I adjusted the colour setting in the above photo to make the primer more visible.

Then two high build undercoats were applied. A light sanding was done between coats.  One top coat was painted on and the surrounding area then masked.  I followed the advice from Darren and Bill ensuring that wherever possible the masking area was done to a shadow line.  This masked area was then given a final very light sanding and the last top coat applied.

final coat

The masking tape was removed once the paint had started to set.  Six hours later I used Bill’s trick technique in an effort to remove the ridges in the new paint where the paint finished at the masking tape. 

During this work I noticed the side of the cabin could do with a good wash.  It will have to wait as the water tap at Brownsover is still disconnected whilst the adjacent retail park is rebuilt.

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