Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon which made our cruising decision rather easy.  We would move to Braunston in the morning and wait out the rain.

Three boats had already passed us heading towards Braunston but we were reasonably confident of finding a mooring space (perhaps too confident).  I mentioned to Jan that the span of the bridges on this part of the canal seem considerably greater than those further north.

wide spanWe have see a wide beam boat as far north as Barby Marina and now wonder whether there was an original intention to have the North Oxford Canal navigable for wide beam boats?

We were just short of the bridge at Navigation Bungalow when a boat appeared from the opposite direction.  The steerer callout out something (my bad hearing) when I realised he was telling me he read our blog.  It’s always nice to hear from a blog reader and were sorry we didn’t get your names.  Happy cruising to the blog readers on nb Musn Grumble.  Love the name!

musn grumble

Jan took a photo of the locals out drinking at 10am.

drinking time

The canal started to get a little busy closer to Braunston.  The young lady on the ABC hire boat ahead of us was doing a very good job of controlling her boat.

passing at braunston

This is starting to become a very familiar scene for us.


There was a short delay at Braunston Turn.  An Ashby hire boat was attempting to wind (turn) at the junction.  Much rev’ing of the engine which didn’t help them much.  Eventually they resorted to bow and stern hauling the boat around. 

ashby winding

It was during this time that I noticed a familiar figure standing on the towpath giving advice.  It was James, the pen maker from nb Lois JaneAnother quick glance and I saw Debbie nearby.  There was time for a very brief conversation before we headed off to look for a mooring whilst they went in the opposite direction taking Dudley for a walk.

lois jane

We managed to find a spot just before the last water point before the entrance to Braunston Marina.  Later in the day an elderly grey haired man kindly did a 250 hour service on Waiouru’s engine.

oil change

Jan then got me very worried when she mentioned the Smartgauge was showing an E11 error message.  I checked the manual which stated the cause was either insufficiently sized cable from the alternator or a defective relay.  It meant the output from the two alternators wasn’t being combined.  I knew it couldn’t be the cable size and was rather concerned the expensive (it’s very large) relay might have to be replaced. <look for the easy things first Tom>.  A short search on the internet revealed another boater had the same problem several years ago and the cause was a defective battery isolation switch.  <light went on in brain>  That grey haired old man had just finished servicing the engine.  Perhaps his wide posterior had accidentially nudged the main battery isolation switch, dislodging it?  A quick check in the engine compartment confirmed this is what had occurred.  I do like a cheap solution!


KevinTOO said...

Hi Tom,
Thought you might like to know that nb Musn Grumble
(Pete & Vicki) have a blog... http://wakaroa2015.blogspot.co.uk/

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks Kevin,

I'll include the link in tomorrow's post!

Vic-Pete Beveridge said...

Hi Tom and Jan sorry we started early today as we would have loved to talk to you proper, we had only just left our mooring.. We are 4 months down on our journey blogging under Wakaroa2015 aka Musn Grumble. We are now heading back north to get boat to Sheffield end October and then head back to NZ. Appreciated email info you sent us last year.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Vicki & Pete,

We're also sorry the meeting was so fleeting. Perhaps next year?