Monday, 13 July 2015

We’ve moved, and a Blog Reader Meeting

Slightly more than four hours saw us move from Bath to Bradford on Avon.  Along the way we stopped at the Bathampton water point to top up the tank.  We’d also arrange to meet with local blog reader Ade and his wife Karen.  They had driven to Bradford on Avon, parked their car and then cycled back to Bathampton where they joined us for the cruise.  It’s always interesting to met our blog readers and learn more about them and their knowledge of the inland waterways.

ade & karen

They managed to cycle the distance it took us four hours to cruise.  Along the way we observed some interesting sights.  Some of the boats along this stretch are looking decidedly tired.  Actually you might wonder how someone could live on some of them.


This isn’t the worst we have seen.  As we slowly passed a long line of boats a male called out “The chequered flag is around the corner!”  Of course not being the brightest of fellows the sarcasm went right over my head.  He rolled his eyes at my stupidity when I replied “Thanks for that…. I’ll look out for it!” Smile

Ade took over the steering giving me a break for much of the cruise.  A small day boat came through the stop plank narrow just before we reached Dundas Aqueduct.  The boat was going so slow the boat ahead of us lost steerage and ended up stuck on the edge.  We passed him and then towed the boat clear.  Just as we were clearing the narrows and starting a hard left turn onto the aqueduct two hire boats appeared from the opposite direction.  A bit of shuffling then took place as the boats successfully navigated around each other under the watchful gaze of the gongoozlers.

It was obviously hire boat changeover day as numerous boats were going in both directions.  We had a late lunch with Ade & Karen before they had to leave to retrieve their bikes at Bathampton.

More day and hire boats appeared in the late afternoon.  By then the moorings were full, but that didn’t stop one day boat breasting up to the CRT working boat behind us and leaving their boat unattended whilst they explored the local area.

CRT boatThere was room for a narrowboat to pass but a widebeam would struggle.  Murphy’s Law prevailed and no sooner had they decamped a hire wide beam appeared and eventually managed to pass, but not without a struggle!

Jan took the shopping trolley for some exercise returning after exchanging some of our cash for food.  Whilst she was away I decided to do something about the three small water stains that have appeared under the varnish on the top edge of the rear door oak panels.

rear doorsI taped the paintwork in an effort to avoid damaging the paintwork on the steel and then carefully sanded back the oak until the small grey/black spots had been removed.  The timber then received one coat of gloss varnish. It will need at least two further coats.  There was probably no need to complete this at such an early stage but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

It might be a long day tomorrow as we want to reach the bottom of the Caen Hill flight of locks 


Ade said...

Hi Tom & Jan,
Once again many thanks for the generosity you showed us you both are most kind.
We very much enjoyed our cruise with you lovely few hours. Lunch was very much unexpected and most kind of you both.
The bikes were just as we left them and we spent the journey home recalling the days events!
Hope your return journey gives you no trouble and we may see you again some day before you head home.

All our best wishes

Ade & Karen.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,
We're glad you and Karen made the effort to join us. Also pleased to read the bikes were safe during your absence!