Monday, 20 July 2015

Oakley’s email

After reading yesterday’s blog post guide dog Oakley sent us the following blog comment.

I recognise those "stalkers"!!! Dad called them that too. That's my mate Monty. I wondered who had stolen him. Don't think much of that other dog, though. Dad has one of those too, but I'm sure it's not a dog. It doesn't do anything useful....
I hope you are following my blog. Don't see it in your list

We are both rather impressed that Oakley can use a laptop, mouse and keyboard.  One assumes he used Google Translate!  Obviously we had to send a reply.

Hi Oakley,

Bark bark woof growl wag blogger growl, bark template, wag list OK pant now!

Sniff sniff

Tom & Jan

I’m so glad we didn’t pass the message on in person as I don’t fancy sticking my nose in Oakley’s ^&*%$ when saying hello.

It’s great to read Oakley and Tracey have reached Newbury and being so well supported for what is a very good cause!

There was some serious rain during the night.  No doubt a consequence of me washing the cabin roof.   Two ducks on a bombing run at the elsan had drifted off target and managed to make a mess of the clean roof.  As soon as the rain stopped I was out cleaning off the mess and washing the port side.  The rotary clothesline was erected and Jan did two loads of washing.  The first of the loads was dry before we headed off to the Blue Ball with Alison and Pete (nb Maid of the Locks) pub for Sunday lunch.   We had read the reviews for both The Dundas Arms and the Blue Balls, opting for the latter.  A good decision as the meal was both plentiful and tasty.

roast pork

Alison may not be pleased with this photo…… and it wasn’t planned!

Alison & Pete Blue Ball

We returned back to Waiouru to find a boat moored behind us flying a silver fern flag at the stern.  A kiwi couple from Wellington, NZ.  They own the boat and spend three months every summer cruising the canals.  The boat is for hire during the remainder of the year.  They departed before we remembered to take a photo.

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