Friday, 17 July 2015

It was the beer!

It wasn’t my fault.  After a large can of Aldi Galahad lager I needed an evening walk in an effort to avoid falling asleep in my recliner chair.

With good intentions, I left for a short walk back down the towpath retracing todays cruising route but at the first bridge I was distracted by the constant moorers.  It doesn’t take a boater long to know that wherever there is a rural bridge with public access for vehicles you find boats.

bridge moorers

There are certainly plenty of them on this canal.  It then doesn’t take much effort to find the vehicles

moorers carpark

I don’t particularly object to this provided they moor in a continuous line.  It’s the gaps and boat engine throttle stop-start that annoys me!  However this is where the second issue occurred.  I turned away from the canal and started walking north along the road to view the thatched cottages in the nearby small hamlet.  I suspect thatchers have their own signature/symbol.


On the far side of the hamlet I could see the White Horse on the face of Milk Hill.  That one beer resulted in a decision to get a closer look.

white horseIt didn’t look that far and I had taken the gps with me (hence the poor quality photos from the measly 3Mp inbuilt camera).  The route was rather circular (that beer again) but eventually I came across the “White Horse Trail” which led me to a position immediately above the horse.

close horseAs you can see the edges of the figure have a timber kerbing.  I assume this minimizes the growth of the surrounding grass onto the figure.

eye The eye

There are some good views from Milk Hill.  Off to the west is Devizes.

looking west

Whilst looking to the south I could see Waiouru moored outside the pub at Honey Street.

honey street mooring

You probably can’t see Waiouru in the above photo and to tell you the truth, neither could I.  But I could see the pub.  Interestingly, that wasn’t the only thing I noticed.  There was a crop circle in the field opposite the pub on the other side of the canal.  The gps camera only has a digital zoom function so the photo of the circle is blurred.

crop circle

Now we know why the pub camping ground is so popular.  They are all looking for crop circles.  Mind you, one of the locals was overheard proclaiming to the others in his drinking circle “I made that one in 1998!”  Perhaps these crop circles aren’t that mysterious?

I made it back the Waiouru at 9pm thinking Jan might have been worried by my prolonged absence.  however she didn’t seem to be too concerned. 15,000 paces put on the Fitbit.  I’m ahead of the weekly target.

white horse walk

White horse at the top and mooring at the bottom.


Ade said...

Hi Tom & Jan,

Interesting observations Mr. Sherlock Jones!
Decent walk to, evening walks are great this time of year we enjoy them.
You didn't stop for a day in the end then? Well I guess there were no locks!
Take care both of you.


Ade & Karen

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade

We decided to keep moving with the aim of having the weekend off.

Ade said...

Ah I see Tom,
Aldermaston'ish I guess then for the weekend.



Tom and Jan said...

More likely Hungerford or Kintbury!

Ade said...

Oh I had you cruising along a bit further than that.
Perhaps your taking it more leisurely than you said you would.
Did you have Sunday off? No mention of the traditional Pub Roast?


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,
The Sunday roast was at Bradford on Avon! The pub beside the cafe below Bradford Lock. It was tasty.

Kelvin and Rachael said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

We're currently moored at Newbury and planning a weekend off too. I'm sure we will pass each soon as we make our way towards Bath, I look forward to a chat if we get the chance.

Kelvin and Rachael (NB Serafina)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kevin & Rachel

Enjoy Newbury. We should be at Kintbury tomorrow (moorings permitting) and hope to stay there until Monday morning when we will leave for Newbury.