Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A visitor and a walk

A late start for me this morning rising just before 7am.  First the boring bit.  We took the backpacks and shopping trolley for a walk to Sainsbury’s loading them to the gunwales.  A gauging station would probably have found us overloaded.  The axle on the trolley certainly squeaked on the way back to Waiouru.

Jan stowed everything away in the pantry, cupboards and freezer before baking three cakes <yum>!  Unfortunately (for me) two of them are for our friend Bill.  He nearly missed out when we had an unexpected visitor who wandered through the boat.  Oakley the guide dog has the usual labrador nose and stomach.  He had both of us giggling as he sniffed the air in the galley.

More locals appeared at the side hatch.  Probably as a consequence of Jan starting to feed a few of them.

feeding the locals

One of the swans had the loudest hiss I’ve heard to date.  Those that didn’t manage to get fed made their displeasure known by leaving calling cards on the stern counter.

It was such a nice day I decided to repeat a walk I had done in 2012.  The route took me from Newbury south to Greenham Common and then east to the end of the common before turning north down a bridle path to Thatcham.  From their I walked back along the towpath to Newbury.

This time I had a closer look at the former bunkers on the southern side of Greenham Common.  They are behind three layers of chain mesh fencing.

triple fence

I assume this is where the Americans kept their cruise missiles.  The Fitbit shows in 2.5 hours I walked just over 15km.  By the time I reached Waiouru I was hot, thirsty and sweaty.  Looking at the watch I noticed the time was beer o’clock.  Pity I’d failed to place any in the fridge! Sad smile

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