Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Live Writer

The ability to use Live Writer to write posts offline and publish them in Google Blogger has been restored.  The only function I can find that currently isn’t restored is the ability to link Google Picasa Album photos to a blog post.  However they can be embedded directly into Live Writer.

I’m surprised this problem has been rectified as I suspected Microsoft wasn’t interested in Live Writer.  The last software upgrade was in 2012 and only mentioned Windows 7.  It may have been all the online adverse comments from bloggers that resulted in the problem with the login protocol being rectified.

Yesterday evening we had a well known visitor.

paul balmer

Paul Balmer of Waterway Routes who produces those excellent canal maps and videos.  He’s a busy man having already spent the day with Sue and Vic (nb No Problem) helping them up the Rothersthorpe flight of locks on the Northampton Arm.  Apparently Kevin Too was also there!

We had an enjoyable couple of hours with Paul before he headed back to the railway station to catch a train home to Bristol.  Oh to be young and have all that energy! Smile

The overnight wind didn’t buffet us about that much but we woke to a grey sky.  We’re on a 24 hour mooring so I went for a walk to look at the EA 48 hour moorings north of Sheepwash Channel Junction.  You wouldn’t have recognised them as moorings, except for the sign.  Overgrown and the edge looked shallow. On my return I diverted to looked at the southern end of the Oxford Canal.  It’s a dead end with a 30ft winding hole.  However the very end has CRT 48 hour visitor moorings.  They were all vacant!

We decided to move before there was any serious rain and headed to Sheepwash Channel Junction where we turned right, before going up through Isis Lock and onto the Oxford Canal.  We then reversed Waiouru back down the arm to the visitor moorings.

end of the oxford

Jan has checked Google Maps and noticed there is a chinese supermarket just around the corner. That’s one confirmed location to check this afternoon.

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Daykin said...

Have a look at The Oxford Covered Market OX1 3DZ - Butchers shops, Browns Caff and the rest .