Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Naturalisation or not?

During a meeting with Ray & Diane (nb Ferndale) last month Ray mentioned I was eligible to apply for UK Naturalisation.  I’d previously read I’d need five years of ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) before I would be eligible to apply.  After the conversation I checked the government website and Ray is correct. The question is”Why should I?”  It really comes down to a question of money.  The visa cost us £1500 and the ILR another £1500.  The application for naturalisation will cost a further £1005.  If the application is successful it is mandatory to attend a citizenship ceremony (another £80).  What are the benefits of another passport for someone my age?  Will I suddenly acquire a taste for English ale!


Stuart said...

Far be it for me to encourage more immigrants lol but isn't there some sort of pension that might be available??

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Stuart

Yes, we would be eligible. However we are believe social benefits are for that that actually need them rather than for those that are eligible.