Sunday, 21 June 2015

Maintenance Day

The starboard gunwale was painted when we were back on the River Lee and I’ve been looking for a section of low bank to repaint the port.  As you may recall, I’d already rubbed back the gunwale and applied primer.  Today I managed to paint on one top coat of black. 
port black gunwaleYou may have noticed the small masked square on the red panel.  There was a chip in the paint.  Probably a stone from a passing bike.  It was down to bare metal so I masked it up and rubbed the area back before applying a primer,followed by two undercoats.
damage2 The damage
All this preparation had built the level of paint back until it was level with the original surface.  Today I managed to get one topcoat over the area.
The semi trad area at the stern  had a scrape mark from a Thames lock landing.  The gunwale had gone under the landing platform and the cabin side had been scratched by the edge.  The area was masked up, prepared and repainted.
Damaged area
The last piece of painting was on the port handrail.  Small chips have appeared in some of the  These were masked up, sanded back, primed, undercoated (2) and then given some red topcoat.
handrail red I think I might be starting to develop a very moderate level of competency painting horizontal flat surfaces without leaving brush strokes.  Vertical surfaces are another matter.
The tunnel bands could do with some attention but they will have to wait until Waiouru is next taken out of the water.  Painting upside down is beyond me!
We had visitors today.  Bec and Tilly called In to see us.  Last time we saw them Tilly was just a baby.  Shortly she is going to have a brother or sister!
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Marilyn McDonald said...

I am sure you are getting better at painting, Tom, as you make sure you get plenty of practice! In the same way, I will get better at engine maintenance. Cheers, Marilyn

Tom and Jan said...

Marilyn, I wish I was as sure as you!