Saturday, 27 June 2015

Karate Kid or “I made it rain”

Wipe on…wipe off

The urge to wash and polish the cabin roof today became irresistible. The two bucket technique did a good job on cleaning the roof and then the really hard work of polishing it began.  I hadn’t realised how much the paint had faded until I polished the area under the solar panels.  It was a darker colour.  Fortunately the paint has uniformly faded to a lighter grey. Jan’s aching joints were unfortunately accurate and it started to lightly rain as I was trying to complete the final section of roof.  I was pleased to note the rain prilled on the newly polished roof and quickly ran off the side of the cabin.

Recently I mentioned using MediaElch to create a database of our video collection.  That is now complete and I’ve commenced experimenting with Kodi.  This is media streaming software (free).  When correctly configured, Kodi enables video, photo and music files to be shared across a cable or local wireless network.  Kodi can run on Windows, Linux, Android and Apple.  The latter requires the system to be jailbroken (hacked) to get around the Apple security.  I managed to configure Kodi and get it to stream video from the Windows laptop to the Android tablet.  It not a particularly practical application on a narrowboat, but I can see the advantages in a house.

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