Monday, 15 June 2015

Easy and Hard

An easy start to the day, albeit we were both up before 6.30.  It was a casual morning pottering around the boat before heading to the Butt Inn for our usual Sunday roast lunch.  What a contrast to The Kite at Oxford last week.  This time the meal was delicious.

This is our mooring above Padworth Lock

above padworth lock

Waiouru is looking filthy, you wouldn’t believe I painted the black below the gunwale this year.  She needs a good wash and polish. 

This afternoon I set out our two wheelbarrow tyres to hold the port (left) side of the boat away from the concrete edge.  One of the reasons why we are on this mooring is the concrete edge is low and that gives access to the area below the gunwale.

The generator provided the 240V power for our small orbital sander. I spent several hours sanding down the black paint and removing the rust.  After wiping it down the bright bare metal was given a coat of primer.  After that I started on the paint chips in the red handrails.  They were masked and then rubbed back to bare metal before applying a first undercoat.

rubbed gunwales

The tunnel bands also need some attention, but that will have to wait for another time.  Whilst I was working outside Jan was inside cleaning the galley.

There was time for a walk up to Froud’s Bridge Lane in the evening.  It was going on dark on the way back.  A timeshare boat appeared and I took a photo in the expectation there wouldn’t be sufficient light.  However the camera surprised me and produced something that looked better than the actual scene.


Despite the easy start to the day we will sleep well tonight.

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