Monday, 22 June 2015

Busy day at the lock

All day long boats have been going up and down the lock immediately behind us.  A number of them are hire boats from the nearby base and despite just leaving the wharf they don’t appear to have much idea on how to work the lock.  On two occasions it was actually rather dangerous.  A boat had almost got hooked up on the cill when empting the lock and another crew failed to secure their boat resulting in it bounding around smashing into the lower gates.  Jan’s heart was in her mouth watching children running around on the roof of a boat as it navigated under the branches of an overhanging willow tree.  An obscured branch could have swept them off the boat or crushed them on the roof.

Everything was cleaned up and stowed after all the painting yesterday.  The engine has been checked and the fuel tanks dipped.  The propulsion tank is quarter full and we plan to stop at Thatcham to buy more fuel.

Our youngest son suggested I start using MediaElch to catalogue our digital collection. It’s German freeware and I downloaded a copy and spent most of the afternoon teaching myself how to use it.  The program looks at digital TV, film, music and concert files before creating a database.  The program is also a ‘scraper’.  What it can then do is go to various websites and “scrape” information about the data file, then import it into the database. 

Meanwhile Jan has been baking in the galley.  We now have two cakes and some fresh buns for dinner.


I was going to wander down to the cafe at the CRT Visitor Centre and buy lunch.  However Jan checked their Facebook page and was surprised to discover the centre was closed today.  When we were last here the centre was in private management and was thriving.  In summer it might be open until 10pm.  CRT didn’t renew the lease and decided to run it with volunteers.  WE assume no one wanted to volunteer to work on Fathers Day.  They missed out on a significant amount of revenue!

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