Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Wet Day

It rained overnight but we woke to a dry and blustery day.  Jan made her weekly call home whilst I carried on examining the inside of my eyelids for another 30 minutes.  Eventually we were reading to head upstream  and headed towards Abingdon Lock.  Jan put on a load of laundry in anticipation of topping up the water tank above the lock.  She had already made some dough so we could have freshly baked bread for lunch.

We knew the lock would be on self-service this early but then realised the lower gates were open and a boat was waiting for us in the lock.  It was nb Ploddin’ Along with John and Louise.  They claim they passed us at 6pm the previous day and no one was aboard.  We think they sneaked past! :-)

We wanted water and they wanted a pump-out and water.  It’s not often you get a photo of someone smiling whilst they do this job! 

The grey matter has received a work-out since we left Reading.  We’ve previously cruised this part of the Thames and the memories of that earlier trip are flooding back.  I remember this large building but haven’t yet identified its purpose or name.

An ominous black cloud appeared overhead but it hadn't rained by the time we reached Iffley Lock.  I'm fairly certain last time we were here the lock cottage gardens were in better condition.  Perhaps a change of owner?

Looking Back

By now I had remembered the large number of rowing clubs on the right (east) bank. We guess they belong to various Oxford University colleges. 

The heavens opened as we were passing under Folly Bridge.  Jan made it inside the cabin whilst I managed to get my raincoat on over my life jacket. We met a boat as we made the hard right turn after Grandpont Bridge.  The other boater was caught out by our appearance and was incorrectly positioned to make the turn.  I was already passing him to starboard when he stuck out his arm indicating he wanted me to pass on the opposite side (port).  Too late mate! 

The Thames almost looks like a canal along the last stretch to Osney Lock. We stopped on the 24 hour moorings above the lock and tucked into a lunch of tomato sandwiches made with freshly baked bread <yum>! 

John & Louise passed us about an hour later.  Their plan was to keep going and get onto the Oxford Canal.  We plan to head north later in the year and might just see them again.

It rained on and off for much of the afternoon so we lit the stove and stayed inside for the remainder of the day.  


Ade said...

Enjoying your Thames trip Tom, so where are you heading Lechlade?


Tom and Jan said...

Yes Ade.

Then back to the Kennet & Avon!

Dave said...

Hi tom. yes the boat houses do belong to the various colleges. On this link you can click on each college or club and it shows where they are http://www.ourcs.org.uk/clubs/index

and the big house is nuneham house http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuneham_House

batten down the hatches as weather this side ox Oxfrd tonight is rough even in a house.