Tuesday, 12 May 2015

To Bulls Bridge Junction via Uxbridge

To all those readers who might have wondered.  Jan is still aboard!   It was not her body found floating in a suitcase near Little Venice.  There were two comments in the media that gave me a bit of a start.  The police have reported the death as suspicious. Rather hard to think it might be a suicide.  Then there was the comment from a nearby boater who said “We have been moored here for about three weeks!”   Madam, the maximum time you can stay at any one location is 2 weeks.  You are an overstayer!

We left Paddington Arm quite early as we had a long day of cruising ahead. The curtains on nb Ferndale didn’t twitch as we silently sneaked past.  Ray & Diane were obviously still counting sheep. 

Knowing the tap at Bulls Bridge Junction is a slow filler we decided to top up the water tank at the Little Venice services mooring.  It was a very tight squeeze and a lady on her widebeam had decided the services mooring was an ideal place to stay.

Fortunately the water tank is in the bow as the stern of Waiouru protruded across the canal blocking the navigation.

A brief stop on the 4 hour moorings at Kensal to top up the cupboards and make a significant donation to Sainsbury’s shareholders.  At least this time we could get a reasonable mooring.

We continued cruising… and cruising… and cruising to reach Bulls Bridge Junction where we turned right and headed north.

There were two boats moored on the services moorings above Cowley Lock. It was fortunate we didn’t need water.  The volunteer lock keeper told us one of the boats had been there for several days and no one was aboard.  He told Jan the boat had been reported and if someone didn’t collect it in a few days time it would be towed away.

The message I take from this is you can probably stay on services moorings for a week without having to worry about consequences.

At Denham Marina we topped up three diesel tanks (67p/l) and filled 2 jerrycans.  A total of 200 litres.  The bulk of it went into the bow Refleks stove tank.  Whilst there we had the nasties emptied.  It was then a case of winding and returning to Bulls Bridge Junction.

The lockies at Cowley Lock were surprised to see us.  They worked us down and we shared the lock with NB Gabriel (James & Hazel).  They are members of BCF (Boaters Christian Fellowship) and know Tim & Tracey on Sola Gratia whom we recently met on the River Stort.  I’m rather glad I haven’t said anything earlier about boats with a BCF sign.  Back in Australia BCF are the initials for Boating Camping and Fishing!

This father was keeping a watchful eye on us below Cowley Lock.

Now moored at Bull’s Bridge Junction.  Tomorrow we will cruise down to Bentford Gauging locks and prepare Waiouru to head out onto the Thames on Wednesday.  Ten locks tomorrow…… say it quickly and it doesn’t seem very strenuous.


Graham Keens said...

You didn't make as much of a contribution to us Sainsburys shareholders as the election of a new Conservative government did, but thank you anyway ;^)

Pip and Mick said...

Enjoy Hanwell flight. My dad used to take me there to watch the working boats when I was a kid in the 1960s. It's where my interest in canals started.

Tom and Jan said...

No doubt we will be consumed by our decision. 😊

Tom and Jan said...

Pip & Mick
I will enjoy the flight. Jan will be working too hard to notice! Thanks for the information on Denham Marina.