Friday, 29 May 2015

Three Solved Issues

This has been written using Microsoft Live Writer so you will know I’ve found a solution if you have read the last post.  The solution is actually a “work around” because the problem is beyond my ability to resolve.

But first I should explain why I use Live Writer rather than writing the blog posts directly into Blogger.  There are three advantages using Live Writer.
  • The formatting in Live Writer is far superior to Blogger.  It’s WYSIWYG.
  • You don’t require an internet connection to write posts with Live Writer
  • Live Writer allows you to pre-write posts and set an automatic publishing date.  This is useful if we are away from the boat and don’t want to advertise Waiouru is unoccupied.
The problem

Google has upgraded their login and password protocol (the API).  The protocol used by Live Writer is now incompatible with Google and will be rejected.  Google state it’s a Microsoft problem and Microsoft don’t appear to be interested as they have included the Live Writer functionality into the latest MS Word.  It’s unlikely there will be a “fix” in the near future.  Perhaps there will never be a solution.

My work around

If you used Live Writer then this is how I managed to get around the problem.
  1. write your post in Live Writer.  Don’t include photos but leave a line space for them.
  2. When finished click the ‘Source’ Tab located in the bottom left corner of the Live Write screen. This displays your text and all the hidden format codes, hyperlinks, etc
  3. Highlight and copy all this text.  Note: you can’t copy the post title.
  4. Load Blogger and create a new post.
  5. Click on the HTML tab (top left beside the ‘Compose’Tab) 
  6. Paste the text from Live Writer into Blogger
  7. Click the Compose Tab to check the formatting
  8. Add any photos using Blogger
  9. Preview and then Publish
 Our My second issue

There I was standing on the stern of Waiouru three days ago cleaning the shavings from the head in my electric razor.  This time I was being thorough and used a small brush.  It looked almost clean so I decided to take a deep breath and blow out the last of the stubble. <plop plop> The sound of two of the three cutters going into the cut.  Obviously there is nothing wrong with my lungs!  I’ve been shaving with only one cutter.  There are pro’s and con’s to this.  Shaving now takes three times as long and the finish isn’t that great. On a more positive note, the two exposed drive shafts provide a morning facial massage!

It was quite a shock to discover the manufacturer wants £40 for new heads.  I’m not paying that and so it was back to the keyboard.  Eventually I found an obscure Fleabay supplier who could provide some cheap (£9) chinese replacements.  They looked the same and I placed an order.  We don’t have a postal address which means delivery is also a consideration.  This supplier will mail them to the Argos outlet of your choice and we get a text message when they are available for collection.  I walked to Argos this afternoon and collected them.

Third Issue

We appear to be doing a tour UK of Marks & Spencer stores.  Jan has identified a particular model of bra she finds comfortable when doing locks.  43 years ago I would have been very reluctantly dragged into the lingerie department brick red with embarrassment whilst attempting to look anywhere other than at the rows of over shoulder boulder holders.  Now that Jan has identified the make/model she likes I drag her into each local M&S where I get down on my hands and knees to rummage through the lingerie giving small cries of glee each time I successfully find one.  Today I managed to find four.  How I have changed over they years!

We must mention nb Ploddin’ Along which passed us today.  Jan was at the side hatch when Louise & John called out telling her they read the blog.  Jan has since searched and found their blog <link here> which has gone onto our own blog list. 


Peter and Margaret said...

Is it not a little tedious writing, copying from Live Writer, and then pasting into the Blogger editor? It would appear the Live Writer is a lost resource at the moment, but the Blogger editor isn't that bad, and it does give you the opportunity to delay publication to a future date using the schedule feature. The only disadvantage I can see over using Live Writer is that you have to be online to use the Blogger editor.
MS Word could be used in the same way, writing offline, copying and pasting text into the Blogger editor.
While out and about these days I use the Blogger App for iPhone / iPad to compose my Blogger posts using images taken directly from whichever device I happen to be using, which all link to each other via iCloud and Google+.

Geoff and Mags said...

Well done with the work-around, Tom! Trouble is, what takes the longest time is resizing the photos them uploading them. Didn't have to worry about that with LiveWriter! You're right, there doesn't seem to be any interest from Microsoft to fix the problem. Time will tell...

Tom and Jan said...

Ah Geoff,
You do it differently to me. With photos I do the manipulation in another program using a macro. This standardizes the size, pixels, frame and adds the watermark before saving it in the blog album.

Tom and Jan said...


I haven't tried using Word. I'm reluctant to purchase software when there are freeware alternatives. However I agree that LW is currently not performing. I'll have another look at the Blogger editor. There might be features I've overlooked!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

The following is going to sound really know-it-all, and that isn't the intent..! :o)) Of the three advantages you mentioned - the third one you can also do in Blogger by scheduling your post for any date/time in the future you want.. just saying... With your workaround you might (almost) as well use Notepad or Wordpad?? I've tried cutting and pasting from Word - but it brings a HUGE amount of hidden HTML with it that I had to then spend ages deleting/cleaning... in the end I decided native Blogger was easier... or I use an HTML editor (HTML Kit is the one I use but there are loads).. then just copy the HTML into the HTML editor window on the Blogger post..

Tom and Jan said...


I suspect there are a number of "work arounds". I'm just an optimist and hoping for an update to Live Writer in the near future.