Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Sign and more painting

As we passed the moorings at Cheshunt I noticed a new sign tied to a power pole.  It reserves the prime mooring for business use.

I did wonder just how official this sign was as the CRT contact details have been blanked out.  Not that the sign particularly concerned me as we weren’t stopping.  The mooring in question is occupied by a small fibreglass cruiser selling ice cream and soft drinks.

We now have a relatively good mooring just above the lock at Waltham Abbey.  The gap in the trees beside the towpath is in just the right place for us to get a signal on both the dot and the DTV aerial.  Jan has been attempting to stay inside and shake off her bronchitis whilst I gave the affected rear door a coat of graphite grey paint.  It looks like the many layers of undercoat have filled that splinter hole.  I was rather surprised at the finish on the paint.  It looks OK….. I must have done something wrong!  Smile 

Can’t tell the difference between them now!

Jan got all excited when she saw our first goslings of the season cruise past between mum and dad.  They had passed by the time stale bread could be found.

In the afternoon I dragged the orbital sander out of deep storage and sanded back the black paint and rust on the starboard (right) gunwale before applying a coat of primer to any bare metal.  Most of the rust was on the rubbing strake.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for a fine day so I might be able to get a layer of topcoat on. 

The plan is to spend the long weekend here.  Jan needs time to recover and I would like to visit the gunpowder mills and abbey.


Pip and Mick said...

Does the bridge have anything to do with gunpowder I wonder?

Marilyn McDonald said...

Not sure quite how restful the sound of the orbital sander is to someone trying to recover on the inside of the boat, Tom...

Tom and Jan said...

Ah, but you overlooked the gentle rocking! 😁

Tom and Jan said...

Pip & Mick,
It appears to go to some ground that is former gravel pits.