Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Flasher

Google appears to be in change mode.  Today we received an email notifying us that on 27 June they will cease sending SMS (Text) message reminders we have set up in Google Calendar.  I use Google Calendar to remind us of important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and routine boat maintenance tasks.  Google’s reasoning is that the SMS option was created before smartphones and the SMS system is now obsolete.  My guess is the SMS system was costing Google money and that by changing to a smartphone delivery option the cost has been transferred to the customer.  It’s not a major issue for us.  All I had to do was edit all the reminders converting them from SMS to email.

Yesterday evening I went for a riverside walk In Reading.  The Thames Path on the north side was blocked by a temporary security fence around what appeared to be a construction site.

On the far bank of the Thames I had noticed piling being installed and assumed the path was being widened and new moorings installed.  Then I reached a large noticeboard which stated the purpose of the project was to construct a bicycle and pedestrian footbridge across the Thames at the southern end of Caversham Island.

 The proposed bridge is shown in black.  There is a ramp on the northern approach and steps & ramp at the southern end.
Some photos of the concept drawings on the noticeboard.

We've only been this way once before, back in May 2012 when we were in a rush to get up north.  At that time neither of us had noticed Piper’s Island or the fact it was completely occupied by a restaurant.

This morning we dropped back down through Caversham Lock to reach the large Tesco near King’s Meadow Park.  Jan filled one of the large trolleys whilst I performed “boat bitch” (quoting Marilyn on nb Waka Huia) duties.  I even emptied the vacuum cartridge afterwards.  No point in carrying additional ballast!

We needed to make a decision whether to start moving or wait until the afternoon.  The rain was extremely light so I made the decision to go.  Not one of my best decisions as the heavens subsequently opened.  Gradually the seams opened in my rain jacket and the cold, wet jeans flapped around my legs.  The only interesting thing that happened during the cruise was seeing the flasher on the north bank.

There was a vacant mooring at Beale Park and we decided to call it a day.  Ten minutes after mooring the sun came out!  You might think we would be annoyed…… but then a hail storm passed over!  Cruising will resume tomorrow.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Tom, Just for your info - the boat bitch nomenclature was derived from when David and I came to live in the UK, and David was (at 55, prematurely in my view) retired. My niece asked him what he'd be doing and he replied that he'd be cooking, cleaning, shopping, looking after me (while I worked 50 hours a week). She said 'Oh, so you'll be a House Bitch.' It stuck and expanded to PA Bitch, Admin Bitch, IT Help Desk Bitch. Those last 3 were more effectively carried out than the originally intended duties, I have to say ... And now we are on the boat it's grown to include Boat Bitch. The others continue too, but I am still the steerer bitch because he won't. As a man with one effective eye, you need to talk to him, I think.
We've had a day of changing weather today too - no sooner do we decide to move because it's calm and a bit sunny than, ropes untied, pushed off from the bank, and down the damn rain comes. Now moored above Stoke Hammond lock and the sun is shining and it's beautiful!

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Thank you for reporting the new bridge for my maps with the accurate plan for it's location. Now all I need is the date when it first spans the river.

Tom and Jan said...

Just checking you still read the blog Paul 😂

Perhaps we will be able to report it has been erected when we return in two weeks! Lol