Thursday, 28 May 2015

Blog Problem

Readers, after several frustrating hours I have been unable to fix the blog publishing problem using Live Writer.  It first started when I attempted to embed photos from Picasa into yesterday's post.  Attempting to log into Picasa from Live Writer resulted in an error message.  I removed and then reinstalled Live Writer.  This didn't solve the problem.  I reinstalled Picasa, which also didn't solve the problem.

My hunch was Goggle had changed something.  I tried a test post without photos and received a different error message.  So the problem isn't with Picasa.

This is the original error message

This is the new message

A search using the information in the second message revealed that on 26 May Google changed the protocol for 3rd party software to access Google Accounts.  Live Writer uses an old protocol which is now incompatible with the new Google protocol.  In order to use Live Writer with Blogger Microsoft must update Live Writer.  However I have read that Microsoft has ceased supporting Live Writer.

Apparently a large number of blog writers have been affected

Link 1 to more information
Link 2 to more information

I will continue searching for a solution

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Jenny said...

I think you have put a hex on us over here in New Zealand - our Live Writer won't work either!!! Guess the problem is worldwide.

We had forgotten just how slow it is to write a blog on Blogger. But we persevered and got it done.

let's hope the problem is fixed soon.

Robin and Jenny