Monday, 6 April 2015

Urine Extractors

There are three moorings at Rembrandt Gardens.  Two have been made available for boaters to book and the third is for the charity boat to collect handicapped passengers.  Two different private boats have moored on the handicapped mooring since we have been here.  The first arrived on Thursday evening and was chased away by the mooring warden this morning.  Late this afternoon a second boat arrived.  The moorings have clear signage but that doesn’t seem to worry the boaters.  Neither boat was displaying a current licence and neither is displaying a boat index number.  Part of the booking process involves Rembrandt Gardens checking with CRT to ensure the boat is bona fide.  Obviously neither of these boats comply.

Latest urine extractor

This evening I walked a short length of the towpath between the CRT office and the first footbridge.  The boats are two abreast on 7 or 14 day moorings and some have a look of permanency.  Moreover almost a third of them are not displaying a licence.  Then there are those not displaying a boat index number or name.  I simply don’t understand why the CRT staff in the office can’t make a twice daily walk of the area to check  license compliance.

<rant over>

We went for a local walk at noon stopping for a Sunday roast lunch in The Pride of Paddington.  I was wearing my Speights T-shirt (only a Kiwi would know) and the young barman welcomed me with open arms telling his Brit mate “Best beer in the world!” <Speights>.  In the end he convinced me to have a pint of some of that warm and flat English stuff <not bad>.  The roast was a disappointment.  I was going to choose the steak and ale pie but it wasn’t shortcrust pastry.  I don’t consider a stew with a puff pasty top to be a pie!

Whilst Jan was in one of the local souvenir shops looking at the blinge I took a photo of St Mary’s hospital Clarence Memorial Wing.  It was in this building that Fleming discovered penicillin.  Not the building opposite which has his name and relief on the wall.  It’s a Grade II listed building.  I’m not sure if that means much, as the NZ High Commission concrete and glass high rise in London is also Grade II listed and I think it’s a monstrosity!

A building on the corner of Praed St and South Wharf Road caught my eye.  It’s wedge shaped and a sort of mock Tudor style.  However it was the difference in signage which had interested me.  It must have been a pub at one stage because ales were being advertised on the front.  The side has ‘Fantasia Palace’ but what amused me is it’s now a Greek Restaurant. Smile

Jan has recently developed a sore and swollen ankle which had her slowly hobbling back to the boat.

We must mention the walker on our way into London who when crossing a bridge across the canal called out “Nee How!” We’re not chinese and the boat name is Maori.  I’ll say no more!

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