Monday, 27 April 2015

Sunday Lunch

It rained rather heavily during the night and we awoke to a slightly cold morning.  Jan started the Refleks stove whilst I went to the stern to check if my Tesco bag raincoat had worked.  After peeling off the plastic the masking tape was removed from around the diesel filler point and breather.  To my surprise it doesn’t look that bad.  Perhaps I need to do all my painting with an artists brush!

A closer view

I’d like to give the new black paint on the counter a polish but we were told when the boat was first painted not to polish new paint for the first six weeks as it is still hardening.  Well that Is the stern deck done for the year.  One of the timber panel liners on the stern doors has developed a blister in the paintwork.  Actually it developed the blister late last year and I have only just got around to fixing it. When I sanded it back several holes appeared the panel as splinters were freed.  These holes need to be filled before the panel is repainted.  The obvious solution is to buy some filler but the holes are so small it seemed like a waste of money.  The alternative strategy is to keep applying layers of paint to fill the holes.  This seems to be working.

The larger of the holes used to be 3mm deep but it should be gone with another couple of applications of paint. 

Meanwhile Jan could hear squeaking from inside the cabin.  She opened the side hatch to see mum go by with her brood.

Lunch was at “The Spoons”.  Both of us attempted to select a dish that might not be cooked reheated using a microwave.  I chose the mixed grill and Jan had the chicken cheese melt.

A pint of tap beer or cider was included in the price of each meal.  Jan only drinks a half of cider but when I told the barman just give me a half instead of a pint I was told “If you want a half you’ll have to pay for it.  But if you ask for a pint it’s free!”  Can you work out the logic?  Neither could I!  Of course Jan didn’t drink half the pint of cider.

Another longish walk around the greater Bishop’s Stortford area in the afternoon.  More of those former malthouses on the eastern side of the town.  They now appear to be occupied by a variety of fast food outlets.

On reflection the town appears to be suffering from an infestation of thriving fast food outlets. 

The Rivermill looked an interesting restaurant.  Actually it’s a chinese restaurant and takeaway!

All the recent rain has made us wonder whether the River Stort has risen and if we will fit under that low bridge on the way back?


Peter and Margaret said...

The pint included in the offer with no alternative will be a case of "computer till says no"! There would be just one button for each offer with no substitute option. To serve a half having used the offer button would mess up the automated stock control and thus the automated reordering system. I have the joyous benefit of working for a modern supermarket chain who have to stick with similar restrictions which appear silly to the customer. I might have tried asking for my pint of cider to be served in two half glasses then offered the redundant one to a more needy recipient :-) The joys of modern technology.

Tom and Jan said...

Good thinking Peter. I should have asked for it in two glasses!